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Discussion in 'Forex Trading systems strategies' started by Hadi Shahh, Sep 24, 2020.

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    #ZXPlus ManualTradingSystem


    • You Can Trade with This System if You Follow These Simple Rules.
    • The trading rules are simple:
    • Wait for a semafor, the flower looking indicator.
    • Blue/Buy arrows will print, based on close of previous candle; there will have been a blue candle, both Moving Averages are blue, and ZXd is blue.
    • Red/Sell arrows will print when scenario is all red.
    • Take the trade if there is not strong support/resistance in the area of the trade. Never trade INTO tested support or resistance zones.
    • Higher time frames will be more accurate.
    • Exit on reverse signal, gray heikenashi candle, or when your desired pips are achieved.
    The zxplus trading system is a simple to trade system, using several custom indicators;
    • ZXa Moving Average - changes from red to blue
    • ZXb Moving Average - changes from red to blue
    • ZXd - similar to MacD and changes from red to blue
    • Alert Arrows - when candle, moving averages and ZXd are all same color
    • Stochastic - custom for this trading system
    • Heikenashi Zone Trade Candles - change from red to gray to blue
    • Semafor Sun - indicates highest high or lowest low
    • Supply and Demand Indicator - automated zones on chart.
    • Alert arrows print on the screen, as well as a pop up alert, audio, SMS,and email alerts available.

    Manual Trading Guide:
    • Super EASY TO USE!
    • Color Coded and Packed Full of Useful Indicators
    HeikenAshiZone Candles that change from Blue to Gray to Red
    • 2 Moving Averages that change from Blue to Red
    • Supply & Demand Indicator to help you identify a Good Trade
    • Powerful Trend Indicator that shows Trend and Volume and SHORT or LONG text
    • Stochastic with signal line and OVERSOLD or OVERBOUGHT
    • Buy and Sell Arrows that indicate when all of the above is Red or Blue! With on Screen AND email alerts for Arrows!
    • If you aren't color blind, then this is a great system for you. Simple strategy.
    • BUY: When Green arrow appears. Which means candles and all indicators are Blue.
    • SELL: When Magenta arrows appears, which means candles and all indicators are Red.
    • Low Risk Trade: when both Moving Average lines are same color
    • Higher Risk Trade: when only thin, fast Moving Average Line is same color as Candle and Trend Indicator


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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