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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


Discussion in 'Yoga' started by Emma McNeill, Aug 20, 2020.

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    #Yoga Using yoga and meditation as tools to combat stress in our lives, and feel more grounded and happy in the present moment


    What you'll learn
    • Breathe, stretch and be guided through meditations that will help reduce stress and relax the body and mind.
    • Give yourself the time and space to tune into your body's needs.
    • Experience the effects of a practice that leaves your feeling relaxed but rejuvenated.
    • Gain insight into the power of your mind, and how to make choices that reduce stress in your life.
    • Enjoy increased awareness of your body, mind, and emotions.
    • Effectively use mantra (repeated phrases) in meditation.
    • Be more present and mindful in the moment, and observe how this dramatically reduces stress.
    • Practice balancing poses, twists, hip stretches, backbendsand more, giving yourself the opportunity to obseve your physical strengths and weaknesses.
    • There are no requirements or prerequisites for this course. You don't need to be flexible to practice yoga! Students just need to be willing to move the body and open the mind.
    • If a pose is physically challenging, take the opportunity to modify or back off and notice what part of you is triggered.
    • If you have injuries or physical limitations, please seek medical advice before practicing the stretches contained here.

    This course is designed to help you regain control over the direction of your life, to make the shift from busy and stressed to joyous and peaceful. The course is comprised of four 45 minute lessons following the topics: Acceptance, Surrender, Emergence, and Gratitude. Each class begins with a breathing exercise (pranayama) and then moves through sequences of postures, ending with a supine meditation in Savasana.
    Please note: If you are not able to do all the postures offered, just modify where necessary without any self-judgement. Listen to your body and observe how you react when challenged. The purpose of yoga is not to become better at yoga, but to become better at life. Yoga simply helps increase our awareness of the present moment so we become grounded and less reactive. And in time, our bodies do become more supple and flexible. Do what you can and leave the rest alone.
    Bonus Meditation. This is a 5 minute guided meditation to give you inner strength. Use it as a stand-alone meditation or at the end of your yoga practice.
    Bonus Yoga Nidra. This is a 5 minute body scan mediation, generally practiced lying down. Use it as a stand-alone meditation or at the end of your yoga practice.
    For more information about Rebecca Chabot and her offerings see the Pure Yoga Tasmania website.
    Thank you for taking this time for yourself to release stress and begin to live your best life!


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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