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Discussion in 'Yoga' started by Emma McNeill, Aug 19, 2020.

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    #Yoga Yoga Therapy : Chinese Long Lost Secret Kongfu to Make You Live Young and Self Healing Your Body


    What you'll learn
    • You will know how to practise only simple exercises to make you healthy and young
    • You will know how to live long life and full of energy
    • You will know how to live young with only one exercise
    • You will know how to master the important key become smart
    • You will know how to recovery your healthy status and increase your life quality
    • You will know how to get rid of your disease, clear your body problems and have a successful living
    • You will know how to enjoy your exercises and enjoy what your learning just like one flying animal
    • No requirements. Just follow the course and practice daily
    • Practise what you learned 10-30 minutes daily

    Offical Release on Nov 01 2019 in the all of the world for the first time!
    Now learn the Chinese long lost secret Kongfu to make you live young and self healing your body through thousand years, which means you will master the forbidden secret of how to change your healthy living and body status start from this year.
    This also means this course will teach you how one Chinese master could live 103 years with strong energy just like young people by only practising 30 minutes of 8 Diamond Kongfu everyday for more than 85 years.
    8 Diamond Kongfu release for the first time to all over of the world to beat other methods of difficult Chinese Kongfu or Yoga so that you could enjoy the result of practise it daily after 2 weeks learning. The result is your body and healthy will be like one new battery with new charged of 100% energy.
    Result Mark: 100% to see your new result! 100% battery
    Course Pre-requisite: None
    Course Duration: 1-2 weeks
    Course Lectures:
    See Below.
    Quizzes & Graded Exam:
    No Exam
    Internationally 8 Diamond Kongfu master
    Course Location: Online
    Course Description :
    Most of us spend the majority of our time regretting the past or worrying about the our health future, but forget to live in the present and find one suitable yoga to change our living. No matter what you practise before, you could try this Chinese simple and easy method to enjoy your life now.
    Yoga, when practised regularly, have the potential to help you become more mindful so that your life in the present, most of the time, which leads to increased happiness and optimal health and thereby reducing anxiety and stress.
    Besides this, there are concrete studies which prove that Yoga when practised regularly can:
    Help with flexibility, improve your posture, protect your spine and strengthens your lower back. Its amazing for your bone health increase blood flow to all body parts boost immunity, optimizes your hormones, makes you happy, tremendously increase your focus and makes you more productive.
    Yoga tones your nervous system, helps you sleep deeper, helps detoxify toxins through deep breathing, helps with digestive issues and so forth.
    It also boosts self-esteem, increases confidence, helps you get in touch with your divine self, helps you with your relationships and makes you a better person.
    Yoga is not just about doing handstands or wearing an orange rob and sit in Sukhasana. It’s much more than that and based on your preference, goals, abilities Yoga can be anything you want to be.
    Just remember anyone can practice Yoga and you don’t need to turn vegan to practice it:)
    This 8 Diamond Kongfu will be of great interest to all learners and healthcare professional who would like to learn the most effective Yoga Training in old times of China. It provides an in-depth look into our whold body and every energy line so that you could adjust the whole body into right direction of healthy level instead of sick status. We will show you every movement, every lesson into simple you could master and learn in easy methods. No need for deep knowledge of Yoga level, no need about your body status, what you will need is only obey what you see, listen and practise it after that. Practice them regularly and have a try! You will thank for learning this.
    Diamond 1: It will be start of preparing the air energy for the whole body. This module will provide the background of your body as 3 important parts:up, middle of down. Head, up parts, support air energy in your surface body. The middle part, from heart to belly, in charge of your whole body transportation for blood and energy. Legs, down part, the center of your energy. Adjust all those 3 parts normally is the first important thing to make basement for the following Diamond Kongfu. Only practise this diamond, you will feel good and fresh for your tried body.

    Diamond 2: Kidney is not only the master before you born, but only the master for your whole body after born. Kidney is one important part in your body which in charge of your birthing, growing, growing up and keep the balance of your body exchange for your whole metabolism. This module will help you adjust your kidney in order to make your kidney strong after that.

    Diamond 3: Spleen and stomach is the master for your whole body after birth. Spleen is the original part for your blood and air energy while stomach is in charge of digestion and give your nutrition. The above 2 parts adjust each other and keep your full time energy and heal your blood problems.
    and much more!
    (Certificate Free with this course)

    Who is the course for?

    -Anyone who wants to start a new life with learning Yoga
    -Anyone who wants more flexibility, strength and agility
    -Anyone who wants to feel more whole
    -Anyone who wants to be more happy and feel good
    By the end of this course, what will you Learn?

    -Learn the most effective 8 Diamond Kongfu
    -Learn about how to adjust your sick status and keep your energy on all the time
    -Improve alignment and posture to reduce the risk of injury
    -Learn to breathe deeply and reduce stress, anxiety, tension
    -Master all secrert of living long and with fresh spirits in your minds
    -Masters one different types of keeping fit techniques
    & much more!

    Who this course is for:

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