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Discussion in 'Yoga' started by Emma McNeill, Aug 20, 2020.

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    #Yoga Yoga to the Rescue! How to Survive Sitting All Day.Fix your Posture & Change Your Life with Yoga!INCLUDES 2 CERTIFICATES


    • A Yoga mat or big towel
    • A Yoga block
    • A Yoga strap
    • A Yoga chair or any chair
    • A Yoga Blanket or any Blanket
    • A Foam Roller
    • Two dumbbells

    Yoga for Sedentary Lifestyles Certification Course, comes with a Beautiful, Professionally designed Certificate offered by your Instructor!
    In order to earn it, just follow these simple instructions:
    Take the Final Exam and make sure to score at least 50%. Then fill out the provided form. The Certificate will be sent directly to your inbox!
    According to your exam score you are awarded one of the following grades:
    High Distinction (HD) 85-100% Work of outstanding quality on all objectives of the subject.
    Distinction (D) 75-84% Work of superior quality on all objectives of the subject.
    Credit (C) 65-74% Work of good quality showing more than satisfactory achievement on all objectives of the subject.
    Pass (P) 50-64% Work showing a satisfactory achievement on all objectives of the subject.
    Yoga to the Rescue: How to Survive sitting all day at Work! Fix your Posture & Change Your Life with Yoga!

    Anyone who sits behind a desk all day knows only too well the aches and pains that can creep into their body. Sitting for long periods of time while doing office work all day is clearly very unnatural for humans!
    According to the U.S Bureau of Labor, there are jobs that workers have to spent 90% of their workday sitting! Think about it! You might drive to work, sit down to work at your desk for at least 8 hours, then drive back home. And what exactly do you do there? You sit down again to eat, watch TV or read a book. Right? All this comes with some serious health risks!

    Sitting for long periods of the day has now been equated to smoking, in terms of the damage it has to your health. Little or no physical activity, in conjunction with stress from work can literally strip years off your life, unless necessary action is taken. Fortunately, practicing yoga can counteract the variety of negative health effects an office job can bring. Yoga has countless benefits for people who sit at a desk job. Yoga can reduce stress and tension. It can improve your focus and concentration. It also detoxifies and tones your muscles. Yoga can relieve head, neck, and back strain along with carpel tunnel syndrome and high blood pressure. It can improve your posture and flexibility and also improves your outlook for a better day!
    Yoga has become increasingly popular in the corporate world – and for good reasons too. Proven to be beneficial for overall physical, mental and emotional well-being, yoga is the ideal practice for any professional in the corporate world looking to de-stress, be healthy and happy. With corporations such as Apple, Nike and Google, along with numerous companies in London incorporating yoga into the work week for their staff, it’s clear that yoga has something vital to offer to your everyday office worker.
    Be Proactive! As nothing is more important than your own Health and Happiness, it is important to look after your body in the best possible way you can. Being Healthy is a Choice. Make it! Yoga CAN and WILL Help You!
    For a better student engagement and for a better learning experience, this Yoga Course comes with English (machine-generated) Subtitles!

    Surely there are questions about this Course you need answering. Let's see some of the most common ones.
    WHO is this Yoga Course for?
    If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then this Course is for YOU!
    WHAT will we be covering in this Yoga Course?
    This is not another typical yoga stretching program. Sure, we have stretches too and we'll also give you a FREE Yoga Stretching Guide, but our main emphasis is given on how to undo the damage of your sedentary lifestyle!
    We will primarily focus on the following:
    WHAT do I need for this Yoga Course?
    For this Yoga program you will need:
    Am I getting any FREE stuff?
    Sure! Except for the lectures in the course you'll be getting the following FREE Resources:
    So, at this point you really need to ask yourself, can you afford not to take this course? Everyone in your life deserves, but most of all, YOU deserve the best you! I believe everyone is entitled to a healthy life. But you won't get it unless you decide to take action. And you won't get it just by reading free material, without actually diving in!
    Make your decision now! Make it well!

    Join the thousands of students in our other Yoga courses & start experiencing for yourself, the health benefits of Yoga! Yoga CAN & WILL help you! Please, STOP damaging yourself and start taking care of you! Don't let another day go by, without taking action! So go ahead & hit that enroll button, now! You have nothing to lose & a brand NEW, HEALTHY LIFE to gain!
    Act smart and give this gift of GREAT VALUE to You AND your Loved Ones! Enroll now and be the next person to tell me, this Yoga course has changed my life!
    Being Healthy is a Choice. Make it! Yoga CAN and WILL Help You!


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