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Discussion in 'Fitness' started by Ryan Miller, Sep 12, 2020.

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    Weight Trainer Professional Diploma

    Weight training is organized physical training or systematic exercising involving lifting weights especially to enhance muscular strength and endurance. Weight training is sometimes used synonymously with ‘resistance training’ and ‘strength training’. Weight training involves various elements like frequency (how often you train), intensity (how hard you train), time (the duration you take for each session) and type (the exercises you choose to do). By varying any of these elements you can significantly change the results you attain.The belief that weight training is only for bodybuilders is now considered as a misconception. Weight training is beneficial to everyone including adolescents, women and adults. Anyone who wants to stay fit and wishes to lead a healthy life benefits from weight training. Weight training is proven to keep your bones healthy, keep your weight in check, and improve your heart health and quality of life. Although the weight training program depends on age, sex, body type and current fitness level, there are training programs that suits every person’s requirements.Lately, every health club is offering weight training opportunity for its members. But if you are someone who wishes to carry on personal training then Weight Trainer Professional Diploma is the right course for you.Weight Trainer Professional Diploma makes the discipline of weight training less intimidating to beginners as the course offers simple definitions of weight training terminology and doesn’t baffle novices with unnecessary jargons.


    1.Weight Training for Life
    2.Principles of Training: Concepts and Terminology
    3.Testing Strength
    4.Weight Training Tools
    5.Safety Tips for Weight Training
    6.Steps for setting up a Gym
    7.Exercising Away from Home
    8.Muscles and How to Use Them Properly
    9.Back Exercises
    10.Working on the Chest

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