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Discussion in 'Business Internet marketing' started by James Goldman, Aug 9, 2020.

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    #Business This course will help you to master your marketing strategy, copywriting, online ads and social media omnipresence


    • No, just be open-minded and do the homework that I give you

    It’s pretty simple!
    I’m not here to waste your time. It’s 2020 and you have to live your best life now!
    If you are selling ANYTHING your main focus should be on how to make more clients on continuous basis.
    But HOW?
    The answer is: by knowing the digital marketing Jedi tricks!
    And that's what I am giving you in this course. No fluff!
    I synthesized 11 years of marketing and advertising experience in 6 weeks so you can start making money immediately.
    The Digital Marketing MASTER JEDI course is for YOU if:

    This course will help you to:
    – Learn how to create a successful digital marketing strategy: know the market, your potential client, study the selling cycle of your industry, create irresistible offers. etc.
    – Who your ideal client is and how to convert them into paying customers who come back for more
    – Get laser-focused on what are you actually trying to sell as a product or a service and refine your business pickup line and offer
    – Calculate the Key Performance Indicators that will determine how much you can spend on advertising in order to reach your sales goals and have predictable Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Adspend (ROAS).
    – Learn how to write epic copy that sells for your website, emails, ads, landing pages and posts
    – Master funnel creation and funnel hacking
    – Learn how and where to create highly converting landing pages
    – Master Google ads, YouTube ads, Facebook and Instagram ads and create campaigns that convert
    – Know how to measure the campaign results that truly matter so that you can optimise and retarget successfully
    – Learn how to fix your ads when they are not performing well
    – Master all the nitty-gritty details that will turn into a marketing Jedi
    This material is so well-digested that in 6 weeks only you will obtain skills that others learn in the span of 4 years. Not to mention that most universities will not teach you half of these crucial marketing tricks.
    The best part is that you will also get:
    – An ultimate resource list where you can find suggestions for different solutions that will help your business, such as different tools, platforms, and software that will make your life easier. Remember, work smart, not hard!
    – Live training every week. Besides the training videos that are a final element of every week in this course, you can also join our weekly LIVE events where you can ask your questions and get help.
    – Get support in our Facebook Community besides our Lives and email.
    – For every week you will have to download a number of additional files with an outline of the week, slides, further information, guidelines, campaign planners, homework or workbooks. These are extremely useful documents. Make sure you save them on your devices. You will need them once you start doing things on your own.
    – You can access this course from any device from the convenience of your own home, or why not from the beach?
    Who is this course ideal for?
    How long is this course and how much time do I need to invest in it?
    This course is a 6-week course. Each week consists of about 4 to 8 videos. It is designed in such a way that you can easily watch one video per day, after work, while you're relaxing, or in your lunch break. The main idea is not to overwhelm you with content but at the same time teach you all the marketing Jedi tricks that I know. There's live training every week that lasts 30 mins. You will need some extra time for the homework too.
    When does the course start and how long do I have access to it?
    The course starts as soon as you are ready and you can access it as long as you want! How does that sound? :)
    What happens once the course is done?
    Besides the fact that you will turn into a Master Jedi when it comes to selling your products and services, you will also receive a proof to certify that you have successfully graduated the academy.


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