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Discussion in 'Yoga' started by Emma McNeill, Aug 20, 2020.

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Emma McNeill
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    #Yoga Learn Meditation Techniques to Help Kick Bad Habits, Reduce Stress & Improve Your Health - Meditation Has Many Benefits


    What you'll learn
    • At the end of this meditation course students will have learnt the underlying principles of the practice
    • Students will be able to lead their own personal meditation practice.
    • Students will have an understanding of meditation history
    • Students will understand how to prepare for meditation
    • Students will understand the different types of meditation distractions and how to overcome them
    • Students will have learnt how to breath more effectively during and outside of meditation
    • Students will have learnt how to connect with their bodies
    • Students do not need to have any prior meditation experience to join this course
    • A keen desire to learn and create balance in their life will help them progress in meditation

    I have put together The Beginners Guide to Meditation as I would like the practice to be as accessible as possible to everyone. I believe that learning the practice of meditation is one of the most valuable gifts you can offer yourself, as the benefits that can follow can transform everything in your life, including mind, body and relationships.
    I have been practicing meditation for over 20 years, and have been teaching it as a fully qualified yoga teacher for nearly a decade. During this meditation course you will benefit from this wealth of experience, learning amongst other things that meditation is a practice that anyone can benefit from.

    This course will teach you jargon free, effective meditation practices that gives you a clear way to understand and learn from any other meditation paths you come across after further reading. This course is a Beginners guide and offers a fantastic introduction to meditation, but bear in mind that this is just only just the start of your journey. If anybody suggests, that their course or school tells you everything you need to know, you may want to... well meditate on it. In the yoga world, we like to think that everybody is potentially your teacher, especially your students.
    The time investment needed to see benefit from this course varies (and depends on the benefit sought), but many people notice positive changes after practising for only 90 minutes per week for 3-4 weeks. This time is normally broken out into short daily, or twice daily sessions. It of course also needs to be maintained long term!

    Meditation is probably one of most essential life skills you can learn. I hope one day it will form part of school curriculums*, but Udemy is a great place to start, remember its never too late to learn!
    Thank you for dropping by, I hope to welcome you to the course soon,
    Here's to the start to a new & exciting journey...
    Laura Watson
    *I am honoured and delighted to have played a part in getting meditation (as part of an overall yoga practice) into the primary & secondary education system in Kent region in the UK.


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