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Discussion in 'Fitness' started by James Goldman, Aug 22, 2020.

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    #fitness Three separate follow-along workouts to progress from barehand exercise to tradition tai chi ball movements.


    What you'll learn
    • Learn three easy to follow Tai Chi Ball Workouts with Master David-Dorian Ross (YMAA).
    • Three separate routines: progressing from empty-hand whole body movements, to traditional tai chi ball exercises.
    • Beginner-friendly, follow along workout. No experience necessary.

    Experience whole-body low-impact Tai Chi fitness in 20 Minutes with David-Dorian Ross.

    Tai Chi Ball is an amazing whole-body exercise known for quickly improving your health. In only 20 minutes a day, you can stimulate your entire body and improve your circulation, balance, and more. Tai Chi master David-Dorian Ross guides you through a progression of easy-to-follow routines. (You may practice barehanded or with any household object to try these movements for yourself.)
    In Workout 1, you’ll learn a short barehand Tai Chi sequence of common movements with detailed instruction.
    In Workout 2, you’ll learn to add two lightweight Starter Tai Chi Balls to the movements, adding weight resistance to make you stronger.
    Workout 3 offers a challenge for those interested in taking their health to the next level by exercising with a larger Tai Chi Ball. You may substitute any home objects in place of the tai chi balls to get started.
    Tai Chi Ball is one of the most powerful exercises to strengthen your entire body.
    The wood balls used in this program are: Starter Ball - Set of Two (1 lb) and Intermediate Ball (5 lb). Handmade wood balls are made in the USA of sustainable wood and available from YMAA.
    Many more streaming titles available from the YMAA website.
    Master David-Dorian Ross has been pioneer in bringing tai chi to the masses in a modern format. He has studied traditional tai chi and yoga since the 1970s with various masters and currently trains with Grandmaster Chungliang “Al” Huang (黃忠良). David-Dorian ran a tai chi school in Portland for years, then offered free outdoor classes in Hawaii, and eventually gave free daily classes online for his TaijiFit students.
    "David-Dorian Ross is #1 bestselling creator of Tai Chi instructional video programs in the world. He has personally written, produced, directed or instructed more than 150 award-winning videos and television episodes, including the #1 bestselling DVD Tai Chi Fit Over 50, and the #1-selling TaiChi video series in the world - The Essentials of Tai Chi and Qigong by The Great Courses. He is also the #1 creator of online Tai Chi instructional streaming video, with hundreds of free videos on his YouTube channel "DrTaiChi."
    David-Dorian is an 8x US national Tai Chi performance gold medalist, World silver medalist and 2x World bronze medalist - the highest awards ever given to an American Tai Chi athlete in international competition. He partnered with international martial arts legend Jet Li to create the Taiji Zen online instructional program, and David-Dorian is the only Master of this style outside of China. David-Dorian has been teaching Tai Chi since the 1980's and Inside Kung-fu magazine called him "the man who brought Tai Chi mainstream." Jet Li called him "the American Idol of Tai Chi." He is also the producer of 24 Hours of World Peace, the live web broadcast of World Tai Chi Qigong Day.
    David-Dorian Ross is the CEO of TaijiFit International. His company specializes in online Tai Chi training - and was the pioneer in using 3-way interactive livestreaming to learn Tai Chi and to take daily Tai Chi classes. His students participate in classes from home, and come from all over the US, Canada, South America, Belgium, Germany, the UK, Poland, Uzbekistan, New Zealand and Taiwan. He currently travels throughout the US to conduct live teacher training seminars."


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