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Discussion in 'Forex indicators MT4' started by Alaba Rutendo, Oct 1, 2020.

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    SFI Indicator - Buy/Sell Signal for Forex Trading


    SFI Indicator - Buy/Sell signal by Arrows and Mobile Notification

    The SFI Forex Indicator is one of the easiest to understand technical analysis indicators on the market.
    Right now, thousands of traders rely on the SFI Indicator to maintain their profitable FX trading strategy.
    We are proud to say that we receive messages and comments every day to thank us for our hard work building our trading tools. Keep reading to find out if the SFI Indicator is right for you.

    What Is SFI Indicator?

    Forex Technical Analysis Indicators are usually used to forecast price changes on the currency market.By using Forex indicators, traders can make decisions about market entry and exit. SFI indicator is one of the most well-known forex indicator,

    How SFI Works ?

    SFI is a file which you need to install it on your metatrader 4. It will Analyses your trading chart and market trend to give trading signals.
    It will looks like below chart and it shows the time of opening and closing a trade by arrows on screen, which it will help you to place an order successfully.

    Example of SFI Arrows/Signals

    LIVE EURUSD 30 min timeframe Sep 2020


    Who Should Use SFI Indicator?

    You might been spending so much before on useless tools, but SFI is proven it works great with verified buyer and high-rank reviews.
    Are you tired of following all the technical analysis tools the experts recommend only to be still losing in trades?

    Have you just started trading and don’t know where to begin?

    Are you already trading but think you can do more to improve your game?
    Equip your trading platform with the SFI indicator and feel like you have a professional trader sat by your side whenever you trade.

    SFi Indicator winning rate is above 70%.


    How to Use SFI Indicator

    Order the SFI indicator by adding it to your cart. Right after the payment is complete, you will be sent an email with instructions to download and install the file.

    STEP 2:
    After downloading the file, you don't need to click and try to open the file itself. You will need to install MetaTrader 4, then drag and drop the indicator file into the MetaTrader 4 application. Watch the video below to learn how to install and use the SFI Indicator.
    Dont forget to send us your mt4 account number to receive the license key, email to You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login. Our team will send the key in less than 24 hours. Drag and drop sfi into mt4 chart and go to input section and key in the license key we send.

    SFI INDICATOR also has Mobile Notification which you can use it on your mt4 mobile (you may visit youtube videos on how to do it)

    STEP 3:
    TEST + USE
    You can trade any forex pair using the SFI Indicator. Follow the strategy explained in the video for the long term. 5M, 15M and 30M timeframes are recommended. Don't trade on volatile days of the market. The goal is to lose a small number of trades and a small number pips and win many more trades porting many more pips. Overall, the strategy should be profitable by the end of one month.

    The SFI EA robot has just been launched! This Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4 will use signals from the SFI Indicator and help you to trade automatically without missing a single opportunity. The EA also has a Smart Martingale strategy built into it. This feature means each time you lose a trade, it will double the size of the next order, and it continues until you are profitable. So with one profitable trade, the previous losses will be covered plus the profit. Learn more about the SFI EA.
    Installation and Strategy Video

    Watch this video to learn how to use the SFI indicator and the strategy behind it.

    This indicator has been tested and approved by dozens of top forex traders. From their experience, it has a 75% success rate.

    SFI Indicator Pros
    More than 75% winning rate on trades
    Sound alerts tell you about new signals
    No expiry date, It has free update
    Perfectly suited for either professionals or beginners
    Able to check winning trades in history
    All forex pairs with 5, 15, 30 min Time frame

    SFI Indicator Cons
    Only available on MetaTrader 4 Desktop. Not available on MetaTrader Mobile, Web or other trading platforms like Tradingview
    You need to place your trades manually unless you buy the SFI EA
    Risky to use on epic news day and during huge market volatility

    Live Trading With SFI


    1- Is this indicator Repaint?
    No, SFI signals are not repaints. they are fixed according to market trend.

    2- How much is winning rate and signals accuracy?
    SFi accuracy is above 75%, which means there are wrong signals also but the rate of winning signals is higher than wrong ones in long term. in fact there is not indicator in world with 100% win rate.

    3- Which currency pairs can I use it ? can I use it on stock?
    You can use SFI indicator on all forex pairs. it's not for stock market.

    4- Can I use it on mobile mt4?
    In order to install the sfi indicator you need to do it on PC, yet you can use screen share to use it on mobile too.
    SFI Live Chart - How to Use?

    In video below we show how to place a trade and take profit using sfi indicator, Live chart EURUSD Sep 2020.


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