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Discussion in 'Forex indicators MT4' started by Alaba Rutendo, Oct 1, 2020.

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    SCALP PRO - Combination of Top Forex Indicators


    Introduction to SCALP PRO Indicator

    Surely you have heard about day-trading and imagined how Forex traders are making significant profits doing so. The SCALP PRO Forex Indicator is all about gaining an edge and finding small trends in the lower time frames. The SCALP PRO Indicator helps you trade like a professional.

    Watch our video below to learn how the SCALP PRO indicator works.

    SCALP PRO Indicator Features:
    Trade signals are based on Price Action
    Daily auto-updates on daily-weekly support and resistance points
    Buy/Sell when it is near the line
    Perfect for a 15-minute time frame.
    No Repaint


    How Does SCALP PRO Indicator Work?

    Once you have purchased the indicator, there will be two files that you need to add to your chart. Plus three moving average indicators which come pre-installed in the MetaTrader 4 platform. All-in-all, there are four confirmations included in this indicator, giving it a very high success rate. The number of Pips you will gain is smaller than other strategies, but the accuracy is higher.
    SCALP PRO Band

    The current price is most likely moving inside of this band when the price is getting near the edge of the upper or lower band, that’s where you need to keep your eyes peeled for a trade opportunity.
    SCALP PRO Zone

    This indicator shows all support and support and resistance levels to help identify entry and exit points in conjunction with the other features of the SCALP PRO Indicator.
    MetaTrader 4 Moving Averages

    The third and final component of the SCALP PRO Indicator is a combination of three moving averages which are already installed in your MetaTrader 4 platform.
    A 200-period Simple Moving Average

    A 32-Period Exponential Moving Average
    A 12-Period Exponential Moving Average

    Suppose the first two indicators give you a signal look for last confirmation which is a cutting line of 12-EMA and 32-EMA. For example, if the12-EMA cuts the 32-EMA upwards, and is near to the edge of the lower channel and close to support levels, this will be a BUY signal.

    The 200-SMA also helps you here, if your price it’s near to this line, do not perform the trade. This is because prices always tend to return back to the 200-SMA. Whereas if it’s far from the 200-SMA, this will be a better opportunity to trade.
    Key Points

    Key points to bear in mind when trading with the SCALP PRO Forex Indicator.

    Do not trade near the 200-period Simple Moving Average; a signal cannot be established in this zone
    Make sure to exit when the price reaches a sensitive area which is against you. For example, like support and resistance levels or pivot points
    Please follow your risk management. Without it, no indicator or robot can help you to win.


    1- Is this indicator Repaint ?
    No, Scalp pro signals are not repaints. they are fixed according to market trend.

    2- How much is winning rate and signals accuracy?
    Scalp pro accuracy is above 76%, which means there are wrong signals also but the rate of winning signals is higher than wrong ones in long term. in fact there is not indicator in world with 100% win rate.

    3- Which currency pairs can I use it ? can I use it on stock ?
    You can use Scalp pro indicator on all forex pairs. it's not for stock market.

    4- Can I use it on mobile mt4?
    In order to install the Scalp pro indicator you need to do it on PC, yet you can use screen share to use it on mobile too.
    5- Is this same as bolling band and other indicator?
    No, At first look you might think it looks like bolling band and other indicators but it totally different. he lines and band analysis is based on our programmed info and data from scalp pro is different than other indicators.

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