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Rights And Obligations Of Users

Discussion in 'Rules and regulations 2' started by Roland Verde, Jul 22, 2020.

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  1. Roland Verde

    Roland Verde Administrator
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    Jun 15, 2020
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    User has the right to:
    1.1. View forum posts and create your own posts and topics.
    1.2. To quote messages or parts of messages of other participants when creating their own post, editing (selecting the necessary message fragments), but not changing the text of the initial message that is used
    1.3. Participate in the discussion, express your own opinion on the issue raised in any topic.
    1.4. Use all available tools and functions of the forum to create and edit topics and messages, image files, etc. (in cases provided for by the Charter)
    1.5. Ask any questions to the Administrators and Moderators of the forum.
    1.6. Report violations of the Articles of Association of the Administration or Moderators by writing a personal message or using other available means to report violations

    User undertakes to:
    2.1. Comply with the Charter.
    2.2. Respectfully treat the Administration, the forum team and other forum participants.
    2.3. To pay in time for participation in stocks.

    Users are prohibited from:
    3.1. Unreasonable use of obscene expressions, mate.
    3.2. Insult and discrimination of other forum users, engage in skirmishes and provoke them, as well as succumb to provocations.
    3.3. Distribution and publication of private information about a user without his / her consent.
    3.4. Publication of messages and topics containing insults to any people and country, as well as insulting the language, history, culture, traditions and other national values of any people and country.
    3.5. Publication of topics or messages of the nature of calling for or promoting illegal or unlawful actions, statements containing manifestations of national, racial, religious or any other intolerance, propaganda of extremism and fascism, drugs and narcotic drugs.
    3.6. The name of the new user should not contain the addresses of working hosts.
    3.7. Creation of topics or messages advertising products, services, network resources, if this advertising message or topic has not received special permission from the Administration.
    3.8. Re-introduction of the same message (subject), as well as the actual duplication of the same subject under different names.
    3.9. Publication of topics and messages having the character of spam, flood, trolling.
    3.10. Use the mode Caps Lock (write only in capital letters), large size and font color when publishing messages.
    3.11. The use of any of the violations described in this section when publishing the signature and avatar.
    3.12. Use of e-mail of participants for mailing for the purpose of further sale.
    3.13. Creating topics that have already been discussed on the forum. Before you create new threads, use the search on the forum.
    3.14. Malware placement.
    3.15. Open placement of links to third-party resources without the consent of administrators is strictly prohibited. Placing links to download the product too! For violation you will be removed from this forum permanently without recovery!
    3.16 If you want to share a product, you need to send it to the forum administrators. The product will be tested and placed for General download. This is done in order to protect forum users from malicious links!
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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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