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Discussion in 'Yoga' started by Emma McNeill, Aug 20, 2020.

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    #Yoga Tone Your Core, Arms, and Thighs through Yoga Sequences that Leave You Feeling Stronger and Revitalized!


    What you'll learn
    • Practice power yoga and meditation sequences that will strengthen your mind and body
    • Strengthen your core, shoulders, arms and key muscles that hold the body in balance
    • Level up your yoga practice and attend intermediate yoga classes in the studio
    • Have focus and dedication to the positive energy and spirit that yoga inspires
    • Keep an open mind and be attentive throughout the course
    • Listen carefully to the modified versions of the poses and adjust accordingly
    • Practice the sequences regularly
    • Give yourself five minutes in Savasana after your practice
    • Best to watch each video (sequence) in its entirety first in order to familiarise yourself with the sequence

    Improve your yoga practice through effective body strengthening sequences and meditation exercises that you can comfortably do at home. The famous quote of Ashtanga Guru Pattabhi Jois is “Practice and all will come.” By doing the same poses daily, you will notice how your practice is progressing and changing over time. You will be surprised at how much stronger you become and how much easier it is to keep your mind focused and in the moment.
    This power yoga course is designed for those who want to get into a long-term, consistent yoga practice because they want to receive all the benefits of the practice including better balance, more strength, a nice lean figure, and an inner calmness.
    The course consists of four strong vinyasa flow sequences covered in eight lectures with a total duration of approximately two hours. However, you have the freedom to mix up the lectures on a daily basis in order to maximise your results. You will not only build strength throughout this course, but you will also be able to balance your practice with flexibility and meditative postures that promote self-healing and awakening.
    I hope that you will join me in this practice and experience all the amazing benefits of yoga!


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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