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Discussion in 'Yoga' started by Emma McNeill, Aug 20, 2020.

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Emma McNeill
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    #Yoga a Guide to Jump-Starting your Yoga Teaching Career and Realizing Returns on your Investment of Heart, Soul and Money


    What you'll learn
    • How to get a gig teaching yoga (or make your own gig!)
    • How to leverage each and every class you teach (for more ease in your life)
    • Why you must develop workshops and special events
    • Why getting a "niche" is necessary AND will make you massively more confident
    • How to negotiate pay. (i.e. Know average % splits, ways that studios pay yoga teachers)
    • What your weekly schedule should look like, and how it might change over time
    • Realistic number-crunching for annual and weekly income from yoga
    • How and Why you MUST stay inspired long after teacher training is over
    • There are no pre-requisites for this course.

    The story often goes like this: your deep love of yoga, and the gifts it gave you, inspires you to take the leap into yoga teacher training. You want to shout from the top of a mountain to share this incredible practice with the world.
    Meanwhile, your family members and significant other all have their eyebrows raised when you tell them what the training costs. You secretly also wonder if it will be worth it from a financial perspective.
    Once the training is over, the question is "How?" Is everyone and their sister* a yoga teacher these days? The landscape can feel impossibly competitive: studio owners don't respond to your job inquiry emails, the pay offered by gyms makes you wonder if you are being swindled (or worse, that you were the high cost of yoga teacher training). You are struggling to GIVE away private lessons, and meanwhile 5 of your closest friends have now started on THEIR yoga teacher training journey.
    I've been there. Don't give up hope. It IS possible to have a thriving career teaching yoga. It is possible to make a good income teaching yoga. It will require a bit of sacrifice, a strategy, and deep consideration of your values - around money, time and, yes, whether yoga as a full-time career is a good fit.
    I will guide you through those personal, inner conversations, and teach you as much insider-knowledge ("external information") as I can pack in. We'll explore:
    This course is a massive download of information that I've learned over 17+ years of teaching yoga -- taught to you in a conversational way, like I would share with a friend. It's full of links for all sorts of resources that will take you deeper. You will walk away with knowledge about how to leverage every class, how to estimate your yearly income (and increase it!), how to develop a niche (hint: this is a major part of how you give yourself a raise), and how to think creatively about each class or interaction as a genuine opportunity to grow your "brand" (in the most authentic way possible).

    By the way, I am NOT a business coach. I am a yoga teacher who teaches many other yoga teachers. I'm also a doctor of physical therapy = practical, hardworking soul. I am a multi-passionate human who has tried on a remarkable number of jobs (yoga and otherwise) and careers over the last 20-some years, who has worked hard and been poor, worked hard and been paid, and finally -- around 7 years ago -- started to see myself as my own boss.
    That changed everything.
    I've seen the trends go up down and around in the yoga world, but I've also seen lasting patterns. This course is a passion project of mine to create more ease in your life, so you can get where you want in your yoga career faster than me (if you should so choose).
    * Oh and yes, my sister is also a yoga teacher :)


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