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Discussion in 'Diet' started by Emma McNeill, Aug 21, 2020.

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    #Diet Body Sculpt Like A Pro. A Timed, progressive and systematic approach to extreme fat loss and body building.


    What you'll learn
    • Students will learn how to get lean!!!! Once Lean learn how to build lean muscle without packing on excess fat. Then transfer that information to paying clients.
    • In this course students will learn how to create a nutrition journey that will completely transform the human body. All of the formulas and a guided journey for fat loss or for bodybuilding.
    • No prerequisites anyone with a desire to change their body or fitness professionals who are helping other change theirs.

    Let me ask you have you ever in your adult life looked in the mirror and thought wow I wish my body looked different. Well if you have you aren’t alone, but what if I told you there was just 1 thing, Just 1 thing that can make a shift so you realize its not hard and its not complicated. And this is the best time in life for you to learn this one simple thing. I’m going to share that with you today but 1st.
    But first let me introduce myself My name is Jeremy Piccott and ever since I learned that 1 thing. I’ve been able to pass that knowledge to hundreds of people who just like me frustrated tired and had already tried a lot with little to no success.
    Imagine what if getting lean were not complicated, what if it weren’t hard but actually fast, easy, simple and delicious?
    Like so many people I struggled with my weight my whole life. I’d constantly be dieting on and off of fad diets spending countless hours in the gym. I wanted BIG RESULTS I want to look and feel good in my own skin.
    And no matter how much I worked out or how little carbs I ate I still was not happy I looked nothing like I wanted.
    I remember trying ketosis hiring personal trainers, wasting tons of money on pills and supplements, and spending most days cycling between starving my self and eating mountains of junk food. Then I would feel guilty and further propel the cycle
    I remember going swimming with my friends I didn’t even want to take my shirt off I was the only guy wearing a shirt still. I was so embarrassed.
    I started to think maybe, some people just weren’t meant to have a good body “Maybe its just something that some people just aren’t born with and in some cases I just quit trying
    So if you have ever felt stuck in a rut… or you don’t feel good in your own skin… Or being lean just is not in your cards I’ve been there too.
    Then one day I saw my 2 of my friends, they were brothers actually and they said they had decided to compete in body building show one was going to men’s physique and the other was going into a bodybuilding competition. I didn’t put much thought into it at first cool, I thought…I wasn’t interested in becoming a body builder. Then as the weeks and months went by both of their bodies transformed in front of my very eyes. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. How was this possible? what were they doing different??
    So I aske them what were they doing that was so different than me? He laughed and said would you believe me if I told you that there was just 1 thing… Just 1 thing that we both changed to transform our
    bodies. One of them came in 1st place the other third in 3rd in different categories. I had to know…He showed me a picture of some famous body builders and said you know all those people are all doing the same thing don’t you.
    I said no I didn’t and asked him what he meant.
    I had seen people change their bodies before, but this was different. This seemed almost effortless he said that he had hired a coach who taught him the 1 thing.
    I said “That’s it? That is the big difference so I asked him if I could have the number for his coach and asked him if he would teach me. He agreed and he did teach me, and it really was just ONE THING and that one thing in a simple pattern completely changed my body…
    Once you know the pattern and understand how to change it up you can do the exact same thing Fast easy and believe it or not, I actually enjoyed the whole process.
    So, once I learned that. That is exactly what I did. I modeled that 1 thing and started helping people who started noticing my results
    And just like I expected it worked exactly like it did for me.
    I mean I was latterly the guy who would not take his shirt off at the pool
    I am the guy who tried everything to get lean
    I am the guy who quit carbs for 3 months only to feel worse than before I started
    I am the guy who would go to the gym and go back for cardio later that day. No matter how much I tried No matter how much I exercised I could not lose weight to save my life.
    But there I was 210 lbs with abs just like my buddy and now people were begging for my advice.
    Fast forward to today and I can transform people’s bodies with out even meeting them in person. Sometimes I will have a conversation with people telling them the 1 thing then a few months later I don’t even recognize them. They give me a hug and say I changed their lives and I didn’t even know they took my advice and tried and implemented what I thought them.
    And the pride you feel when some one asks you what you have been doing because your body is changing faster than you realize yourself. Well it Is such a wonderful feeling.
    Your watching today for a reason, something in your life is not perfect and you desire more. So, you know where you are, and you probably know where you want to go. The only thing left is how are you going to get there? Today, you have a chance to grab the road map that shows you exactly how. I’m going to explain the 1 thing, so you fully understand how it works. I can’t tell you how cool it is and how great it feels to know this not only worked for them but now I can transfer this information to without even thinking about it. You will understand it Very Fast because it makes sense.


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