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Discussion in 'Forex Video training courses' started by James Goldman, Aug 7, 2020.

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    Everything you need to know to trade Forex profitably from anywhere


    What you'll learn
    • The basics of Forex Trading
    • How to start managing your portfolio
    • Risk and how to reduce it
    • How to make smart decision
    • Winning strategies created by successful Forex Traders
    • Advice on which platforms to use
    • How to create a powerful CV
    • How to perform in interviews with Forex companies
    • A passion for learning about Forex
    • The determination to become financially independent

    New 2 Trading™ is perfect for someone starting out on their trading journey. It teaches you everything about how the financial markets work and gives you the perfect platform to start your trading journey.
    Our course includes a large curriculum guiding you step-by-step through the stages of learning how to trade, setting up your trading account, understanding the tools of trading analysis, implementing strategies, creating a trading plan and controlling your mindset. Also it includes ongoing mentorship and access to our telegram signal group.
    You will learn:
    We aim to educate and train people to begin a career in FX. We believe that education is your best investment and over the years we have placed hundreds of students into FX jobs.
    Proud of our winning formula, we decided to launch FX Career Swap to spread our proven training model into the Foreign Exchange trading space by teaming up with experienced and consistently-profitable professional traders.
    “Our aim is to educate beginners to a level where they are able to become their own boss and trade for themselves, as well as provide further help to secure interviews with multiple FX companies who we work with across the UK. And for those who are able to prove their dedication and trading talent is good enough to trade professionally, we’ll also place the very best students into our Prop Trading team.”
    Patrick Munnelly, Lead Trader FX Careerswap
    Since 2010 Patrick has personally mentored over a hundred private traders of all experience levels, from complete novices, to former CME floor traders, in developing trading strategies to reap consistent returns from the markets, he currently manages a Proprietary Trading team of five full time traders. Patrick has also consulted to numerous brokers and trading education brands, contributing written content, webinars and live presentation content, on a range of topics from market analysis to trading strategy development and execution.


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