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Discussion in 'Fitness' started by James Goldman, Aug 22, 2020.

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    #fitness Learn functional movement patterns and perform those with just bodyweight, kettlebell, or a dumbbell


    What you'll learn
    • How to perform the kettlebell Turkish Get-Up
    • How to easily get up from the ground with or without weight
    • How to get up from the ground without hands
    • How to perform other types of get-ups with a kettlebell, dumbbell, or other weight
    • For the weighted versions you'll need a kettlebell, dumbbell, or other type of weight

    Allow me to teach you some of the best and functional movements patterns to get up from the ground and enjoy the benefits of increased:
    And so much more with a strong focus on proper form to avoid injury for those at home, in the gym, and even trainers.
    In this course I will break down some of the popular exercises like the Turkish Get-Up, starting with bodyweight and drilling each part of the movement, slowly building up to the full movement, and then add weight.
    You will be able to learn these movements and program them for strength, muscular endurance, stability, and so much more.
    The most detailed and longest explanation in this course is for the Turkish Get-up as that is the most popular get-up variation and it also lays some of the foundations for the variations of the get-up. I also provide a summary of the TGU so that people who do have some experience with the TGU can skip the long explanation and step-by-step progressions.
    Editorial Review
    The warmup flow is excellent, I will be using that for more than just kettlebell workouts. Prior to seeing this warmup example, I would warm up simply by briskly walking and maybe doing some jumping jacks. Your video has caused me to look at warmups also from a mobility perspective. The entire class now makes me pay more attention to form and pay attention to my mobility.
    I appreciate the extra detail that was spent during the kettlebell TGU video regarding hand/wrist position. I will pay more attention to wrist position, especially during more complex moves.
    The Knee sweep during the pull under step is excellent advice and has helped me to overcome probably the biggest problem I had in learning to smoothly perform the Lunge Style Turkish Get Up.
    I also appreciated all of the additional “bonuses” such as completing a chest press during section 3 video to help get additional work in.
    The concept of combos is one I never have heard of before and may not have thought of on my own. It makes excellent sense to incorporate something like the snatch to start and then complete a get-up. That kind of creativity in designing a workout is unbelievably valuable
    One of the most appealing things regarding kettlebell training is how efficient and effective the exercises are. The combo examples you made further reinforces my appreciation of this form of exercise
    The attention to detail regarding proper form and avoiding poor form mistakes is excellent. I am glad that the explanations are thorough in how to do the exercise using proper form, but I'm even more pleased that examples are made of things to avoid. Especially poor form that comes from poor conditioning or lack of mobility that can lead to injury. (such as the example of the regression of getting up with a racked kettlebell to avoid injury)
    The points you make regarding mobility and proper form is exactly the type of advice that I appreciate and was looking for. The different styles of the get-ups along with beginner to advanced progressions demonstrates the commitment to safety and ensuring that we get the most out of the exercise. I will be progressing to the racked version of the get up using a kettlebell as my neck and upper body mobility needs more work.
    The attention spent on proper form and avoiding injury is very appreciated. I have a lower back issue and appreciate the attention spent on proper form and only progressing to more advanced exercise once the basics have been mastered
    I do not think I’ve ever seen a video where someone sets expectations the way you do. By explaining that this exercise is not effective for cardio is an excellent point. Providing examples of how to increase cardio elements during this exercise is another great bonus as I really appreciate the efficiency of a kettlebell workout.
    One of the biggest reasons that lead to my confusion regarding watching youtube demonstrations by other people is they referred to the Turkish Get Up as only that. I did not know there were so many variations. I would see the squat style and lunge and wonder who was right? I decided not to risk hurting myself due to the conflicting instructions I would see in many different places. Your videos are excellent as there is clear instruction, everything is defined very well so that I know exactly what I’m trying to replicate and why. Furthermore, starting out the progressions with bodyweight only then progressively increasing the level of difficulty by adding weight or a different variation is an excellent method that you used.
    Elvin Kubicki
    "I really appreciate the time and effort that has clearly gone into this course. As a coach myself, I found Taco to be very effective at emphasizing all the necessary pointers to master the get-up and as a result I have picked up a number of cues that will improve my own training and the clients I coach. Lastly, I am grateful for all the additional content including the fun no hands get up variations and the kettlebell get up variations I had yet to see before this course. Thank you Taco, nicely done." Randy Williams

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