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Discussion in 'Business video course' started by James Goldman, Aug 9, 2020.

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    Jun 15, 2020
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    #Business How To Make Money On Youtube Without Showing Your Face


    What you'll learn
    • How To SKYROCKET Your Earnings On YouTube Without Making Videos and Without Showing Your Face
    • How To Create successful YouTube Channels That Will Not Be Affected By Demonetization Or Duplication
    • SEO Youtube Algorithm Secrets to EXPLODE your channel, views and subscribers
    • A little known secret to 10x your earnings over everyone else on YouTube
    • How to get your channel monetized and pass the review QUICKLY and EASILY
    • How To Download and Edit Videos For Free, Create Engaging Thumbnails, Scale Your Earnings, and Much More!
    • The Exact Strategies I Personally Use To Earn Over $500,000 On YouTube Without Making Videos
    • Be Excited To Scale Your YouTube Earnings TO THE MOON!

    Check out my "Bye 9 To 5" channel on YouTube which has over 170 videos!
    I have been selling my courses for over two and a half years and I have over 7,000 students in them combined (check it out on Teachable), and I just recently put them on Udemy (in June 2020) as well. So if you're wondering why my student count is small on Udemy, that is why!
    Be sure to check out the student testimonial videos in the preview section of the curriculum!
    At the beginning of 2017 I worked as a business analyst and absolutely hated my job. I sat in a cubicle all day, looking for opportunities to get out of it. I tried all sorts of online businesses, many of these online businesses included investing money that I did not earn back. It was around that time I was browsing around on YouTube and noticed I kept seeing the same videos over and over with different tags and titles, and they all had ads on them and millions of views. That was when it hit me, if these people are doing this, why can't I?
    I always knew you could make money on YouTube, but I thought you had to be some entertaining YouTuber with a great camera and editing skills (which at the time I knew nothing about creating YouTube content). The channels and videos I stumbled across that were not creating their own content made me realize that was not the case. I began to realize that you can make money on YouTube without making videos or creating your own content.
    I created my first YouTube channel that very day. I knew nothing about ranking a YouTube video, and I honestly didn't think I would get any views. But I thought, who cares? At least this business doesn't involve me investing any money, and it really doesn't take much time at all to upload some YouTube videos so what do I have to lose?
    I studied hundreds of YouTube channels, learning the ins and outs of what makes certain channels and videos successful. I studied all of their tags, their titles, their thumbnails, and the tactics they were using to get views. To my surprise, within just a few weeks my views, subscribers, and most importantly my income was SOARING.
    I couldn't believe it. Within a month I was making more than I was making at my 50 hour a week job that I needed to have a Master's degree in Business Psychology to obtain!
    By the end of the year, that channel was pushing 100,000 subscribers and had made me more money than my job did that year.
    At this point I decided now that I spent a year learning the blueprint to success, it's time to quit my job and build more channels. I built two more channels in two different niches in 2018 and have been growing them ever since.
    It wasn't all perfect, I made plenty of mistakes and have had many issues throughout my four and a half year journey.
    Through tons of trial and error, I have learned everything there is to know about what to do and what not do with this. I have perfected the technique. So I decided I should teach others how to do this as well. I noticed there were no YouTube videos teaching how to do this, and there were no courses on this subject. I decided I would create a course on this and become the pioneer of teaching how to do this method.
    Today, there are many imitators who have popped up and began teaching this, but I was the very first.
    As of 2020, YouTube has made many changes to their policies and has made this technique harder than it used to be. That is why it is more important than ever before that you do this the right way. I have made many updates to this program, have updated the techniques and strategies, and have even re-shot the course more than once to make sure it stays up to date with today.
    What you will learn:
    1.) How to make money on youtube without using a camera, a microphone, your face or your voice.
    2.) How to get your channel monetized quickly (within two weeks)
    3.) TONS of niche ideas and examples
    4.) How to outsource and automate your YouTube channels cheaply so you can get all of the profit without doing the work, and build multiple channels and scale them!
    5.) How to make money with your channels without using monetization, such as affiliate marketing!
    6.) Hacks for earnings 10 times the income of other channels on YouTube. These are things most channels do not know and do not do!
    7.) Many hacks and strategies for SEO (search engine optimization) which will teach you how to rank your YouTube videos, get them in suggested, and get your videos to go viral (which ultimately makes you money!)
    8.) Where to find royalty free videos and music for your videos
    9.) Numerous hacks most channels do not know that BLOW UP your channels!
    10.) The make money on YouTube secrets that NO ONE ELSE will teach you!
    11.) How to edit videos to get around content ID matches, duplication matches, and YouTube bots so you can use all kinds of videos!
    You also get access to my private Facebook group that has over 4,000 supportive and helpful students in it! I am in there every single day answering questions!

    In this unique course I will take you step-by-step using the EXACT blueprint and secrets I used to generate this income on Youtube. I will teach you the essential secret tricks I have used to make well over six figures using videos that YOU DON'T HAVE TO MAKE! You don't have to have a camera, a microphone, or make your own videos. There is no other course like this and you will not find this information anywhere else (there are others teaching this, but WAY LESS in depth). This make money on youtube without making videos strategy is the BEST method I have found to make money online in 2020!
    I will serve as your over-the-shoulder guide through the entire process and give you secrets such as how to get monetized QUICKLY and EASILY, choose a successful niche, how to download, upload, and monetize videos LEGALLY that do not have copyright licenses, secret tips to increase views and watch time, how to create unlimited youtube channels using unlimited phone numbers, how to gain additional views and subscribers easily, how to avoid getting your channel deleted or getting copyright strikes, how to get rid of copyright strikes, how to get past the youtube demonitization bots, how to get past the monetization review process quickly and easily, how to get your videos ranking on the search results, how to effectively use SEO strategies, and a secret trick to making more money on youtube than ANYONE else is able to generate doing one simple secret that will increase your revenue times 10. This will also work in almost ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, so no matter where you live you can make money on Youtube.
    I will also teach you a VERY EASY way you can get to the monetization review process within two weeks with just ONE video! This is something NO OTHER COURSE OFFERS. This means you will be able to have a monetized channel to start making money within just a couple weeks, with barely any work involved!
    As an added bonus, which will be WORTH THE PRICE of the course on it's own, you will be given access to a special facebook group that is dedicated to students helping each other grow each other's youtube channels through giving free subscribes, likes, comment, views, and watch time to other student's channels. This means your channel will grow EXTREMELY FAST and you will reach the monetization review process in no time, because you will be given free subscribes, views, likes, and comments on your channel by other students! This is ONLY available to students who have purchased the course.
    You will also be given access to a special mastermind group I have created where I will answer any questions you have. In addition, all members will have the ability to discuss questions and give feedback and tips to each other. You will also have the ability to leave comments and questions right there on any lecture you want and I will be able to respond and help you through it right there on the course in real time!
    I will teach you how to legally get around ANY content ID match and duplicate video warnings that normally stop you from uploading/making money on particular videos. I will also teach you how you can legally edit and use many montages that are already available on Youtube, opening up THOUSANDS of video options you didn't have before. This will open up thousands of possibilities and will allow you to use MANY videos that are STANDARD LICENSES! This is HUGE for passing the monetization review and making the videos you upload look like your videos!
    So if you would like to learn all of the secrets for making money on YouTube without making videos by someone who has been successfully doing this method for over four years, than this Make Money On YouTube Course is for you!


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