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Discussion in 'Fitness' started by James Goldman, Aug 22, 2020.

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    #fitness Challenging whole-body workout & Kung Fu fundamentals, separate sections with detailed instruction and principles. YMAA


    What you'll learn
    • Easy to follow short workouts teaching real Shaolin Kung Fu fundamentals. Excellent cardio with a mind/body component.
    • What you train into body memory is what will come out in a real self defense situation.
    • Beginner-friendly. Requires some basic level of fitness, motivation, and strong willpower to gradually develop strength, endurance and stamina.

    1 hour and 44 minutes
    Learn real kung fu and get some great exercise. The Kung Fu Home Workout video will develop your physical conditioning while you learn effective martial arts techniques. This easy to follow program takes the mystery out of martial arts training and offers a clear explanation of the kung fu exercises, based on the popular beginner classes at YMAA Schools around the world.
    This comprehensive workout is offered in shorter segments based on Techniques, Strength, Speed, Power, and offers a Post-workout Stretch. Mr. Warner also includes detail sections with instruction of each technique for those interested in more accurate learning, and explanation of essential Kung Fu principles.
    Instructor Ben Warner has decades of experience teaching the traditional kung fu techniques and principles offered in this modern, follow-along workout. Beginners or experienced martial artists will find this a challenging workout and the skills learned can apply to any fighting style.
    • Kung fu body-weight exercises teach you how to strengthen your whole body with exercises for the arms, legs, torso and core.
    • Blocking, striking and kicking techniques are demonstrated alone, and in combination with a partner, to help you build lightning-fast hands and legs.
    • Learn how to generate maximum power by incorporating full-body movement in your martial techniques.
    • Warm up and post-workout stretching sections will teach you to how keep your body operating at its maximum potential.
    • Keep your mind centered by learning "Wu De", the martial code of ethics and morality.
    • 15 video lessons / 144 minutes / 1 hour and 44 minutes
    Training strategies are explained so you will be able to train efficiently and recover effectively.
    Instructor Ben Warner began studying with Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming in 1998 at Yang's Martial Arts Association. In 2001, he became a full time instructor and he has also organized martial arts programs for several schools in the Boston area. In 2002, Ben became a main Sholin Kung Fu instructor for the adults Shaolin program, and head of the sparring program at YMAA Boston in 2007. Ben has assisted in Dr. Yang's Boston and international seminars since 2002. He has taught Shaolin long fist and white crane seminars. He has also assisted with qigong, chin-na, sword, saber, and staff seminars.
    Ben has been a featured performer in several YMAA DVDs including Advanced Practical Chin Na, White Crane Kung Fu Basics & Intermediate, Staff Fundamentals, Taiji Ball, and Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu Intermediate Sequences. He was also featured in the most recent edition of the book "Analysis of Shaolin Chin Na".
    In 2005, Ben was certified as an instructor with Pavel Tsatsouline's RKC kettlebell program. Since that time he has worked with several internationally renowned fitness instructors including Pavel Tsatsouline, Steve Cotter, Steve Maxwell and Mandla Nkosi. In 2011 Ben co-founded The Green Dragons, an organization which teaches kung fu, fitness, nutrition and gardening to kids in the Boston area. In 2012, Ben became the owner and operator of YMAA Boston. He now organizes and teaches live and online weekly classes. Mr. Warner lives with his family in Jamaica Plain, MA, USA.


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