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Discussion in 'Yoga' started by Emma McNeill, Aug 19, 2020.

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Emma McNeill
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    #Yoga Stress reduction, mental clarity, vibrant health with Kundalini Yoga (breathing exercises, yoga kriya's and meditations)


    What you'll learn
    • Easy to use and effective breathing techniques to center yourself, increase your ability to focus, purify your body and mind
    • Kundalini Yoga kriya's - series of exercises - to rejuvenate your body, decrease the effects of stress on your body. Strengthen your nervous system, so that you can cope effortlessly with day to day stress.
    • Powerful meditations from the Kundalini Yoga tradition to calm your mind and transform your mindset.
    • Easy to implement tips to cope with stress and be the best version of yourself in every situation
    • No previous experience with yoga or Kundalini yoga is necessary.
    • If you need some basic explanation on the techniques of Kundalini Yoga, check out my Beginners Kundalini Yoga Course for a Healthy Belly
    • Most of the exercises are suitable for chair yoga.

    This course is a Best of Kundalini Yoga for stress reduction! I selected the most effective, powerful and easy to implement techniques for you from the Kundalini Yoga tradition.
    Commit to the practice and transform stress to inner peace. Dis-ease to health. Lack of energy to vibrant life-force. Lack of concentration to brilliant mental clarity.
    I am guiding you through pranayama (breathing exercises), yoga kriya's (series of exercises activating your Kundalini Energy) and powerful meditations of varying lengths.
    I set up the course for you in a way that you can easily adjust it to your lifestyle, the time you have available for your yoga practice and your level of fitness. You can do most of the exercises even while sitting on a chair behind your computer!
    Kundalini Yoga is an amazing technology that has the power to transform your life! It brings you back to wholeness, happiness and health. I am sharing the teachings of Yogi Bhajan in this course. Combining it with my experience as a Physiotherapist specialized in breathing and relaxation.


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