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Discussion in 'Business Internet marketing' started by James Goldman, Aug 9, 2020.

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    #Business Learn how to master Kindle (KDP) methods quickly and easily for yourself or business


    What you'll learn
    • How To Master Kindle (KDP) Advanced
    • How To Optimize Results With Kindle (KDP)
    • Brand New Over-The-Shoulder Video Series
    • A computer with internet access
    • A willingness to learn and take action
    • A Kindle (KDP) Account

    Kindle (KDP) Advanced: Fast Track Training 2020:
    Upgrade Your Skills And Expertise With Our Advanced Video Training…
    Here's What You'll Learn In These Upgraded Video Series:
    Dear Friend,
    If you've always been wondering how to sell more of your information products, then this is probably the most important letter you'll ever read.
    On this page you'll learn a simple but yet so effective way to reach more people without spending a fortune on advertising.
    How? In one word: "Kindle"
    Heard about it? Of course you did.
    Expand Your Market Reach In Just A Few Clicks
    Kindle is just amazing.
    With millions of downloads per day, it’s an untapped goldmine for information marketers, like us, to make a lot of money with it.
    Imagine this…
    What if you can get your eBooks exposed to literally millions of people on a day to day basis?
    With Kindle you can.
    And you don’t need to be a marketing genius to succeed with it.
    The fact is Kindle has made it so simple for author to publish their info-products that even a child can do it.
    The World’s Biggest eBook Marketplace
    Before we go any further, let me give you some insights about Kindle...
    1. Kindle is a product of Amazon; it was designed to become the world’s best ereader by the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos.
    2. As of December, 2017, Kindle had nearly 5.9 million eBooks available in the United States alone.
    3. Kindle eBook Exclusives, a catalogue of digital books that are only available on Amazon, contains over 850,000 items.
    4. The first Kindle device released by Amazon sold out in five and half hours.
    5. Amazon has introduced Kindle software for use on various devices and platforms, such as Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone.
    6. In 2010, Kindle reader accounted for 59% of all ereaders that were shipped worldwide.
    7. In January, 2011, Amazon announced that Kindle books were outselling their traditional print counterparts for the first time ever.
    8. In May, 2016, Amazon released the official Kindle Audio Adapter for reading eBooks aloud through a text-to-speech system for the blind and visually impaired.
    Why You Need To Get Started Now:
    Fast. Simple. Super Profitable.
    There’s nothing like this video series.
    Watch as I show you how to get started with Kindle to publish your eBooks in just a few clicks.
    I reveal my best tips for using some unknown tactics that only a few elite few knows.
    You get to see everything. I explain everything to you.
    There will be no guesswork.
    All you need is just a short hour of your time to learn everything and you’d be ready to get started with it instantly.
    Course Description And Overview:
    Most people do not know how to get started with all the puzzling functions of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) today. With this Fast Track Training course designed to take you through the Advanced level, you will be up and running in no time using (KDP) with confidence.
    Kindle (KDP) Advanced: Fast Track Training 2020 is a straight to the point, step by step training course to get you started immediately.
    See the course subjects below:
    Kindle (KDP) Advanced: Fast Track Training 2020
    Section 1: Course Overview
    1 - Overview
    Section 2: Promotions & Pre-Orders
    2 - Free Book Promotion
    3 - Do A Kindle Countdown Deal
    4 - Do a Kindle Pre-Order
    Section 3: Giveaway's & Reviews
    5 - Do a Kindle Book Giveaway
    6 - Provide a Free Advanced Copy for Reviewers
    7 - Using Instant Book Review
    Section 4: KDP Select & Associates Program
    8 - KDP Select Program - Part 1
    9 - KDP Select Program - Part 2
    10 - Regarding the Amazon Associates Program
    Section 5: Storefront & Influencer Program & Paperbacks
    11 - Using an Amazon Storefront
    12 - Using the Amazon Influencer Program
    13 - Create a Paperback Version
    Section 6: Audiobooks & Author Blogs & Social Media
    14 - Create An Audiobook
    15 - Set Up an Author Blog
    16 - Set Up Social Media Platforms
    Section 7: Author Settings & Tips
    17 - Online Author Events
    18 - Set Up Your Author Video Channel
    19 - Set Up Author Central
    Section 8: Conclusion
    20 - Conclusion


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