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Discussion in 'Technical Indicators MetaTrader 4' started by Emma McNeill, Nov 3, 2020.

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    True Points PRO



    The indicator analyzes the dynamics of price changes and determines the true pivot points. The indicator calculates and displays the total profit and the probability of achieving it. The indicator has built-in Take Profit levels: TP1 captures profit at a given level; TP2 is considered automatically (regulated by the Low Level parameter). Information about the profit and the current signal is displayed in the moving information panel. The Result parameter calculates all profits and loss.
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    Main parameters: - Amplitude - affects the frequency of signals it is recommended to use 150
    - Calculation period (bars) - calculation period of the indicator on the history
    - Open/Close value level - the main parameter of the indicator to determine the frequency of signals
    - TakeProfit #1- profit level by a given value
    - Use TakeProfit #2 - flag to switch on/off TP2
    - StopLoss -sets the loss level for TP1 and TP2
    - Multiple orders (Max number) - sets the max number of orders in a series
    - Step signal bars (to the next signal) -parameter to steps between enter points (triggers) "no closer than"

    Information is available in the panel:

    - signal strength with "best price" indicator (green dot - price is better, red dot-price is worse)

    - TakeProfit level #1 (if used)

    -the level of StopLoss (if used)

    - % achievement of TR1 and TR2 goals and number of points

    - maxDD (maximum drawdown) / maxS (the maximum number in a series)

    -Results-result in points values: TR1+TR2-SL1-SL2

    true-points-pro-screen-3083.png true-points-pro-screen-2615.png


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