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Discussion in 'Technical Indicators MetaTrader 4' started by Emma McNeill, Nov 3, 2020.

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    Smart Breakout Indicator MT4



    Smart Breakout Indicator determines support and resistance levels and also shows the breakout points of the levels in the form of a

    The program contains two indicators in one: 1-support and resistance lines, 2-histogram indicator based on high price fluctuations.

    The indicator autonomously calculates the best support and resistance levels and also in the form of a histogram shows the best moments
    of the breakdown of the lines.

    The histogram indicator is based on the action of price fluctuations.

    On the main chart, the support and resistance lines are calculated, and on the additional indicator (subwindow), the histogram is
    calculated for the price deviation.

    The support and resistance lines are used as the main indicator and the histogram indicator is used to confirm the signal (Buy, Sell or
    pending orders).

    The indicator uses many parameters to flexibly adjust the indicator for any pair and timeframe.

    By default, the indicator is optimally configured for any pair and timeframe.[/b]

    The indicator is designed with the ability to configure all parameters in accordance with your requirements. You can enable or disable
    any functions.

    When the signal Buy / Sell the indicator will notify using notification: Alert,Sound signal, Email, Push.

    Detailed description of all parameters here: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

    This is a link for general discussion of the indicator: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

    МetaТrader 5 version: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login


    • Name_indicator - Indicator names to use multiple indicators on the same chart.
    • Max_Bars_History - Bars for drawing the indicator.
    • Use_Support_and_Resistance_Lines - Show support and resistance lines.
    • Use_Lines_Information_in_Points - Show items information.
    • Use_Center_Line - Show center line.
    • Show_Inscriptions_Support_and_Resistance - Show descriptions of the levels.
    • Period Main Chart - The period of the main indicator.
    • Coefficient in Point - Coefficient for calculating the main indicator of support and resistance lines.
    • Period Separate Chart - Period of additional histogram indicator.
    • Coefficient - Coefficient for calculating additional histogram indicator.
    • Main_Chart_Shift_Bar_for_Additional_Line - Bar shift of the main indicator of support and
      resistance lines.
    • Main_Chart_Shift_Bar_for_Lines - Bar shift of the main indicator lines for information
    • Style/width/Color_Lines - Style, width, color for the main graph.
      • Main_Chart_Color_Level_Resistance
      • Main_Chart_Color_Level_Support
      • Main_Chart_Line_Width
      • Main_Chart_Line_Style
      • Main_Chart_Color_Center_Line
      • Main_Chart_Center_Line_Width
      • Main_Chart_Center_Line_Style
      • Main_Chart_Shift_Bar_for_Additional_Line
      • Main_Chart_Color_Additional_Line_Resistance
      • Main_Chart_Color_Additional_Line_Support
      • Main_Chart_Additional_Line_Width
      • Main_Chart_Additional_Line_Style
      • Main_Chart_Color_Point
      • Main_Chart_Point_Width
    • Style/width/Color_Lines - Style, width, color for histogram.
      • Separate_Chart_Color_Main_Line
      • Separate_Chart_Main_Line_Width
      • Separate_Chart_Main_Line_Style
      • Separate_Chart_Color_Signal_Line
      • Separate_Chart_Signal_Line_Width
      • Separate_Chart_Signal_Line_Style
      • Separate_Chart_Color_Circle
      • Separate_Chart_Circle_Width
      • Separate_Chart_Color_levels
      • Separate_Chart_Main_levels_Width
      • Separate_Chart_levels_Style
      • level_UP - UP level setting.
      • level_Down - Down level setting.
      Notification settings:
      • Sound_signal — Enable the audio signal.
      • Name_sound_signal — Signal audio file name.
      • Alert_signal — Enable alerts.
      • Email_signal — Enable email notifications.
      • PUSH_signal — Enable push notifications.

    smart-breakout-indicator-mt4-screen-6947.png smart-breakout-indicator-mt4-screen-5404.png smart-breakout-indicator-mt4-screen-4109.png smart-breakout-indicator-mt4-screen-6205.png smart-breakout-indicator-mt4-screen-6516.png


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