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Discussion in 'Technical Indicators MetaTrader 4' started by James Goldman, Oct 27, 2020.

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    MACD Currency Meter


    *NOTE : PRICE WILL BE $120 by November, Grab your copy now
    Arrow showing on or off would mean that there is a "possible change of signal" for that certain pair.. and this is requested by traders who wants signal at the very moment they saw a cross.
    However, if you are a trader who wants a "confirmed signal", you should wait for the current candle to close so the arrow signal will be classified as "confirmed".

    WELCOME to a very new algorithm in the market which you have never seen before. MACD Currency Strength Meter: 2 indicators in 1!
    MACD Currency Meter : A MACD indicator with the power of Currency Strength Meter.
    - a indicator which is good to know the momentum of a Pair
    Currency Strength Meter is used for tracing market trends..
    If you are a fan of MACD and Currency Strength Meter, this indicator is the one for you. MACD-CSM is simply a MACD indicator with the momentum of Currency Strength Meter. Signals are very different from a normal MACD or a Normal Currency Strength Meter. The simplest explanation for it is that MACD indicator is only based on one chart you are trading. but MACD-CSM is a 28-pair based MACD indicator all put in one chart.
    Note that the indicator has a sophisticated algorithm, but it is a friendly indicator where you do not need to open all 28 pairs.. All you need to do is open 1 chart and all the necessary information for 28 pairs and the 9 timeframes (From M1-MN) will showed in your chart, Just 1 chart!
    Parameters :

      • Choose Graph - Choose between the 3 options
        • MACD-CM Graph - MACD Graph which is based on Currency Strength Meter
        • Currency Strength Meter Graph - This is a line graph of the trends of 8 currency strengths
        • MACD-CM Graph and CSM Line - MACD Graph with the Currency Strength Meter Graph of the pair
      • MACD-CSM TimeFrame - Choose which Timeframe you prefer.
      • Fast EMA - Input Fast EMA Period default is Period 12
      • Slow EMA - Slow EMA Period default is Period 26
      • Signal EMA - Period Signal of Fast and Slow EMA, default is 9
    • PERIODS on TIMEFRAMES - Hide or Show MACD-CSM Values
    • MACD-CSM VALUES - Show or Hide MACD Values (Upper right values of the chart)
    • M1 Period - Show or Hide TimeFrame M1 Values
    • M5 Period - Show or Hide TF M5 Values
    • M15 Period - Show or Hide TF M15 Values
    • M30 Period - Show or Hide TF M30 Values
    • H1 Period - Show or Hide TF H1 Values
    • H4 Period - Show or Hide TF H4 Values
    • D1 Period - Show or Hide TF D1 Values
    • W1 Period - Show or Hide TF W1 Values
    • MN Period - Show or Hide TF D1 Values
      • Font - Edit Font for Currency Strength Display
      • Show or Hide MACD Signal EMA Line
      • X-Axis Currency Value - Position of Currency Value in X-Axis
      • Y-Axis Currency Value - Position of Currency Value in Y-Axis
      • USD COLOR - Color of USD
      • EUR COLOR - Color of EUR
      • GBP COLOR - Color of GBP
      • AUD COLOR - Color of AUD
      • CAD COLOR - Color of CAD
      • NZD COLOR - Color of NZD
      • CHF COLOR - Color of CHF
      • JPY COLOR - Color of JPY
    • Arrow Properties
      • Symbol Colors - Symbol Background Color
      • Up Arrow Color - Buy Signal Color
      • Up Wingdings Character - Buy Signal Wingdings numerical value
      • Down Arrow Color - Sell Signal Color
      • Down Wingdings Character - Sell Signal Wingdings numerical value
      • Normal Color - TimeFrame Color
      • Selected Color - Color Change of Symbol when chose
    • DISTANCE COLOR - X-axis and Y-axis distances of chart object
      • Alert Based On - Choose between Real-Time Alert and Time Alert
        • Real-Time Alert - You would get an alert the moment a signal change
        • Time Interval - You would get an alert
      • Minutes Interval for Next Alert - Number of Minutes Difference between Alerts
      • Type Of Alert Chart Alert - Choose between 4 types of Alert
        • Change of Currency Direction Alert
        • Cross Over Between Currencies Alert
        • MACD-CSM Values
        • Complete Alert
      • E-mail Alert - On Or Off Email Alert
      • Mobile Alert - On or Off Mobile Alert
      • Alert me at - Choose what time you want to get your alert.
    • Candle Control
      • Limit Candle - Number of Candles - This will limit or control the maximum candles to be analyzed. Limiting the number of candles is made to avoid possible lag or hangs on the pc. This will prevent possible slow responses from your MT4 due to high load. Imagine how much calculation the indicator is doing for 1500 candles on 28pairs



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