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Discussion in 'Technical Indicators MetaTrader 4' started by James Goldman, Nov 1, 2020.

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    Ichimoku Signals Dashboard



    Ichimoku Signals DashboardTo test the indicator please download demo version You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login Find Ichimoku signals as easy as you can. Ichimoku is one of the most powerful trends recognition indicators. And it has valid signals for the trades. This indicator scans several symbols and time-frames by the Ichimoku to find all the signals that you want and show in a dashboard.
    It's easy to use, just drag it onto the chart.

    • It's better to add Ichimoku indicator to chart before adding this indicator.
    Ichimoku All Signals The indicator can detect 9 main Ichimoku signals. By push notification, you can quickly get notified when signals occur.
    Indicator Parameters:
    • Symbols(separate them by the comma) - Enter symbols and separate them by the comma.
    • Timeframes(separate them by the comma) - Enter time-frames and separate them by the comma.
    • Signal Type:
      • Tenkansen & Kijunsen Cross
      • T & K cross Above/Under The Kumo
      • Exit The Price From The Kumo
      • Price & Tenkansen Cross
      • Price & Kijunsen Cross
      • Price & Chikou Cross
      • SpanA & SpanB Cross(Cross Of Kumos Ahead)
      • Exit Tenkansen From The Kumo
      • Exit Kijunsen From The Kumo
    • Colors Of Title Of Rows & Columns - To change the color of the header of rows and columns.
    • Color Of Bull Signals
    • Color Of Bear Signals
    • Color Of No Signals
    • Color Of Descriptions
    • Font Name - Indicator's Interface font.
    • Font Size
    • Sending Push Notifications - To send Push Notifications
    • Sending Push Notifications Period
    Indicator Update:
    The indicator will always be updated to improve the results and suggestions of users.

    Good Luck.

    ichimoku-signals-dashboard-screen-5993.png ichimoku-signals-dashboard-screen-5665.png ichimoku-signals-dashboard-screen-7236.png ichimoku-signals-dashboard-screen-9286.png ichimoku-signals-dashboard-screen-3719.png


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