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Discussion in 'Technical Indicators MetaTrader 4' started by James Goldman, Nov 1, 2020.

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    Harmonic Pattern Plus MT4




    Harmonic Patterns are best used to predict potential turning point. Hence, Harmonic Patterns are the sub patterns of turning point
    patterns. Traditionally, Harmonic Pattern was identified manually connecting extreme points in charts. Manual harmonic pattern
    detection is painfully tedious and not suitable for everyone. You are often exposed under subjective pattern identification with
    manual pattern detection. To avoid these limitations, Harmonic Pattern Plus was designed to automate your harmonic pattern
    detection process. The functionality of Harmonic Pattern plus is beyond manual pattern detection and textbook approach. Harmonic
    Pattern Plus provides many harmonic patterns we have tested in our research. In addition, you can use the three important trading
    elements including Pattern Completion Interval (PCI), Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ), and Potential Continuation Zone
    (PCZ) to improve accuracy of your trading. You will experience amazing performance using our Harmonic Pattern Plus for your

    Main Features

    • 11 Harmonic Patterns can be detected automatically
    • Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ) detection for Point D identification
    • Potential Continuation Zone (PCZ) detection for future price movement prediction
    • Pattern Completion Interval (PCI) detection for precision trading
    • Historical pattern forward and backward reply function to create new trading strategy
    • Pattern locking and unlocking feature to prevent repainting of patterns
    • 52 different bullish and bearish Candlestick pattern recognition feature
    • Support
      Email, Sound alerts or

    Recognizable and Tradable patterns

    • Butterfly
    • Gartley
    • Bat
    • Alternate Bat
    • AB=CD
    • Shark
    • Crab
    • Deep Crab
    • Cypher
    • 5-0 Patterns
    • 3 Drives Pattern
    • Automatic drawing of Linear regression channel
    • Candlestick patterns: detect 52 different bearish and bullish
      candlestick patterns. The candlestick patterns include hanging man, shooting star, engulfing, doji, harami, kicking, etc. Our
      Candlestick Pattern detection algorithm uses purely price action only.
    Indicator Setting and Parameters

    Default setting will work most of time. If you want to change how the indicator looks in your chart, you can certainly change them from input
    setting. All the input settings are self-explanatory. The simple description is given on left hand side columns and you need to change value
    on your right hand side columns.

    <strong>Recommended Usage</strong>

    You can also apply it to any currency pairs or future contracts tradable if your broker provides them in your MetaTrader terminal.

    You can use several different trading setups including:

    • Trade on Harmonic Pattern by confirming other technical indicators like RSI, Stoch, etc
    • Trade with Bollinger bands
    • Trade between Potential Continuation Zones
    • Trade on Harmonic Pattern by combining other
      support and resistance levels like

      You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login">Mean
      Reversion Supply Demand<
    • Trade with our You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login">Price
      Breakout Pattern Scanner<
    • Trade with our You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login">Elliott
      Wave Trend
    Further Reference

    For the detailed guide in Harmonic Pattern trading, you can have a look at the Young’s Mutual Pattern Turning Point
    Strategy in the book:

    • Guide to Precision Harmonic Pattern Trading: Mastering Turning Point Strategy for Financial Trading (Reference to
      Harmonic Pattern Trading)
    • Scientific Guide To Price Action and Pattern Trading: Wisdom of Trend, Cycle, and Fractal Wave (Reference to Price Action
      and Pattern Trading).
    <strong>Other Note</strong>

    Buying this product does not include free coding support to build EA or any other indicator. All Harmonic Pattern Indicator and Scanner are
    repainting. It does not matter which company's product or which price product you bought from. They will all repaint due to technological
    limitation. If you prefer non repainting Harmonic Pattern and Elliott Wave pattern indicator, then please use

    You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login">Profitable
    Pattern Scanner<. Profitable Pattern Scanner is only one non repainting and non lagging harmonic pattern indicator in the world.

    harmonic-pattern-plus-mt4-screen-4946.png harmonic-pattern-plus-mt4-screen-9653.png harmonic-pattern-plus-mt4-screen-8877.png harmonic-pattern-plus-mt4-screen-6642.png harmonic-pattern-plus-mt4-screen-9981.png


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