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Discussion in 'Technical Indicators MetaTrader 4' started by James Goldman, Nov 1, 2020.

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    As Capital Line



    A's Capital Line is a complex algorithm helpful for trends.

    The EA for this indicator is You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login So you can test the indicator preformance. also use optimization funcion on trategy tester for a better preformance.

    This line marks the following information:

    • The entrance to the trend.
    • Stop of loss.
    • Supports and resistances.
    • When to take Profit.
    Send alerts to your cell phone through metatrader

    It works perfect on any instrument (stocks, forex, crypto, commodities, indices, etc). Also in any time frame to adjust to any trading style.

    Please see Screenshots for examples and Follow us on You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

    Image 1
    Line settings are diferent for every symbol and Time Frame. You have to adjust the optimal parameters according to the symbol, time frame and your trading style. (10 periods and 4 Factor)(7 periods and 3 Factor) this are common settings.

    Show Display, you can turn on/off all the information provided

    Alert & Movil Notification, you can on/off PC and movil Notifications.

    Display location, to place display somewhere else.

    you can also change Display Font, Size and color.

    Image 2

    This is all Display elements.

    Image 3

    An exaple of a sell signal where your risk is and when to close the signal.

    Image 4

    Alerts on your PC

    Image 5

    Alerts on your Movile.

    Image 6

    This indicator works perfect with any Symbol.

    Image 7

    An example of As Capital Line working as a Resistance.

    as-capital-line-screen-6465.png as-capital-line-screen-3604.png as-capital-line-screen-1254.png as-capital-line-screen-6954.png as-capital-line-screen-5575.png


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