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How The Okpay Wallet Works?

Discussion in 'OkPay Wallet' started by Roland Verde, Feb 28, 2021.

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    is a payment system which provides interested parties with a wide range of services which can be accessed via an e-wallet. Users can make online purchases, pay for freelance work, fund forex brokers and gaming services, make money transfers and exchange currencies.

    OKPAY works according to the classical model of payments in digital currency which assumes full confidentiality of users operations and allows to make international transactions, simplifying them to a great extent. At the same time both private individuals and legal entities which just started to develop their own business can use this service.

    OKPAY, in fact, is a kind of intermediary between many payment systems, including electronic wallets of their "colleagues". Of course, they ask for a very large commission, but in some cases this is the only way to get your money. For example, it is not uncommon to see on the Internet that one cannot withdraw funds from the PayPal payment system. The reason is that current legislation in some countries simply does not allow some e-wallets to work. In this case money transfer to OKPAY might well save the situation - though with a decent financial cost.

    OKPAY - all your money in one place!
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