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Discussion in 'Fitness' started by James Goldman, Aug 22, 2020.

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    #fitness Learn how to Burn fat, build muscle and get in shape without spending hours in the gym. Efficient and effective.


    • No requirements. Only a will to learn and apply the knowledge.

    You're About To Discover The Most
    Effective Strategies For Rapid Fat Loss

    I’ll Personally Show You A Workout Method
    That Can Be Done In Minutes
    That Can Bring Amazing Results…

    You Don’t Have To Believe Me, Just Believe The Proven Studies
    That Backed This Method!

    The cold season is coming to an end and it's time to get ready for the epic Summer!

    People are getting excited to let their skin soak in the sun soon.

    Only if you're NOT downright embarrassed of your body.

    But the sad truth is, most people have baggy clothes to hide the unattractive flaps and folds.

    I should know because this was me once. Clothes were unflatteringly large and always black in colour.

    I wanted to improve my health and appearance, but was disheartened by the time to do it!

    Who has time to exercise (at least) 30 to 60 minutes a day, 3 times a week when you have a career, a family that needs your attention and kids to take care of...

    I also enjoyed my nights out with friends and lazy Sunday which made me feel guilty for not working out.

    Six pack abs seems like an unachievable goal.
    Luckily, I stumbled upon an Amazing Solution.

    … A powerful method which is highly effective, time-saving and fun!

    HIIT - The Future Of Exercising

    Remember how Oprah had so much trouble losing weight? She was following diets and workouts recommended by every fitness guru.

    Unfortunately, she didn’t know about HIIT. If she did, she might’ve achieved eye-popping fitness results!

    So what is HIIT? Also known as High Intensity Interval Training.

    HIIT means exercising at an intense pace for a short period… and scientists have found that this workout method is MILES better than a moderate pace workout.

    Studies show that the intensity of exercise is one of the greatest factor in rapid fat loss.

    Imagine how happy I was to find out that I can get closer to my fitness goals by spending less time working out!

    Do you remember when you had dial-up internet and you had to wait 30 minutes just to load up a video? Now, it takes seconds.

    This is exactly what HIIT did for my body!
    The results came so fast I couldn't even believe it.

    HIIT is:
    Fun. Old-fashioned cardio takes hours for results and you easily get bored of the repetitive motion on the treadmill. On the other hand, HIIT is fun, more variety and engaging.
    Efficient. HIIT lasts only 30 minutes, but the after-brun effects will last hours after the exercise.
    Minimalistic. You don't need expensive equipment to do them. Just use your bodyweight, maybe a few dumbbells, a jump rope... That's it!
    Location-independent. You can perform the workouts anywhere! Do it in the living room with your kids, do it in your office on lunch break. If you're daring enough, do it at the side of the road when you're stuck in a traffic jam! (But please don't disrupt the traffic).
    A brain booster. HIIT has been shown to boost levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor(BDNF), a protein involved in brain-cell repair, learning, memory, mood regulation and cognitive function. Conventional exercising methods do not release this brain-boosting protein.
    A muscle-builder. HIIT promotes muscle synthesis if done right. Furthermore, HIIT boosts growth hormone levels which helps the muscle-building process.
    Customizable. Because it is a method of exercising instead of a list of exercises, HIIT is customizable. Anyone from beginner to seasoned athlete can use HIIT to improve their performance, health, and aesthetics.
    Scientists Preferred Method Of Exercising
    I'm sure you'd agree that scientists LOVE the idea of making workouts more effective and efficient.

    That's why they love HIIT so much!

    In fact, a scientist called Izumi Tabata created his own version of HIIT that takes only four minutes to improve both aerobic and anaerobic performance (This program is shared in the book.)

    There are also the legions of celebrities who swear by HIIT as their answer for aesthetic bodies.

    Hugh Jackman, Britney Spears and David Beckham all do some form of HIIT.

    If you think about it, HIIT just makes sense.

    Mo Farah is a famous marathon runner whose feats are impressive to say the least. However if you look at his physique, it's not what you have in mind when you think of a fit body.

    Compare that to Usain Bolt. He's ultra lean, athletic and has the aesthetic body that most men wish for.

    It just makes sense that training intensely for a short period of time will make you more athletic than training moderately.
    I'm guessing you're sold on the benefits of HIIT and finally convinced that building the beach body you've always dreamed of
    is no longer a pipe-dream...
    HIIT 2 Fit
    A Life-Changing Blueprint On The Best Method For Rapid Fat Loss And Building Chiseled Muscles In Matter Of Minutes!

    I've compiled for you everything you need to know about HIIT, so you don't have
    to do it yourself.

    All you have to focus on is the dream body you've always wanted and
    in a couple of weeks, your WILL have a healthy, strong and aesthetic body!

    No more hours of jogging.

    No more starving nights.

    No more fitness fads by average looking fitness gurus.

    This blueprint will chisel your abs, melt away the flab, give you an aesthetic body... and other health benefits such as better memory and cognitive function, youthful looks and unstoppable energy.
    Here's What I'll Be Sharing With You Exclusively:
    ... and SO much more for you to learn inside!
    Why This Blueprint Is Perfect For You:
    Save precious time by working out the most efficient way possible for fat loss and building muscle at the same time. That means more time for you to spend with family and friends, improve your career and use your new physical capabilities for new hobbies
    Look good without giving up your soul. You don't have to give up sports night or your favorite six-packs of beer to have an aesthetic physique.
    Enjoyable exercises that will get you excited for your next workout
    To sum it up, you will:
    Get your body ready for the beach in a matter of weeks doing short workouts that are fun and customized to your body
    Have a sharper and smarter brain. Scientists suggest that HIIT brings more benefits to your brain than playing sudoku or crossword puzzles
    Slow down aging, giving you better skin and higher energy levels
    And that's only the tip of the iceberg.

    As you keep improving your health and physique, you will start to see the benefits spreading to other areas of your life.

    Your friends will start turning to you for health advice and you'll be looked at as their fitness mentor.

    And here's the good news...

    This will not cost you an arm and a leg.

    For a one-time investment, you'll get a blueprint that you can return to for the rest of your fitness journey.

    This MasterPlan is worth so much more than what I'm offering you right now. But I am having a launch promotion where you can have the book for only a fraction of its total value.
    Think Working Out And Getting In Shape Requires Spending Hours
    In The Gym Each Day? It Doesn’t...
    Discover How To Quickly Melt Your Extra Fat, Build Muscle, And Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life With Short Workouts That Take Just Minutes...
    Let me ask you a quick question…
    What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you start thinking about working out?
    Most people conjure up images of spending countless hours in the gym every single week doing grueling monotonous workouts…
    Going on long, never-ending, multi-mile runs…
    Painful and sore muscle…
    And having to wait weeks or even months to start to see any type of decent results…
    Sounds HORRIBLE, doesn’t it?
    The good news is...
    Burning Fat, Building Muscle, And Getting In
    Great Shape Does NOT Have To Be That Difficult...

    The fact is this...
    You DON’T have to spend countless hours in the gym each week to get results.
    Did you know that working out too much can actually slow down your results with working out?
    It’s true.
    Over-exercising is one of the big reasons people struggle to get results and in some cases even end up injured from it.
    If you’re serious about melting fat, building muscle, and getting stronger faster than ever...
    You Need To Focus On
    High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)...

    If you’re not familiar with high intensity interval training or HIIT, you need to pay very close attention...
    Here’s why HIIT is superior to almost any weight loss or muscle-building program out there...
    At this point, you’re probably wondering…
    “If HIIT Is So Great, Why Are People
    Still Working Out The Old Way?”

    The biggest reason is because people really do believe the longer and more frequent your workouts, the better results you’ll get…
    Although that’s just not true, many people just aren’t in the loop or quite possibly have NEVER heard about HIIT.
    And even though HIIT is pretty simple, getting results is all about the details…
    If you do things the right way, you can get MASSIVE results extremely quickly…
    ...but if you do things wrong, you run the risk of not getting solid results, wasting time, or even putting yourself at risk of injury.
    I don’t want ANY of those things to happen to you.
    It’s important you have someone that’s an expert at HIIT showing you “the ropes.”
    Because of all of the misinformation out there about high intensity interval training, I’ve put together the next best thing to hiring a personal training to show you how to lose weight and build muscle with HIIT… the right way!


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