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Discussion in 'Cryptocurrency Experts advisors robots bots' started by Roland Verde, Aug 6, 2020.

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    GS Bitcoin - special robot-grid for trading Bitcoin to +50% per month!


    Video trading of GS Bitcoin Expert Advisor
    GS Bitcoin robot
    is a special robot, which is designed to trade exclusively with Bitcoin! It trades only on BTCUSD pair! Absolute novelty of March 2020! The process of GS Bitcoin Expert Advisor work can be seen in the video below. This is BTCUSD pair, M5 timeframe. By the example below, the Expert Advisor works with aggressive settings. The profitability of the GS Bitcoin with such settings can be up to 50% in months or more (maybe even up to 168%)!

    Description of GS Bitcoin Adviser
    GS Bitcoin robot is a grid Expert Advisor that trades exclusively on BTCUSD asset in MetaTrader4 trading terminal. GS Bitcoin uses the same trading strategy as the GS Spider 2020 robot. The abbreviation "GS" in the name is the abbreviation for Grid Strategy, which means Grid Strategy! The technology of building grids in this robot shows itself stable and profitable at a distance. GS Bitcoin robot can be used for professional investment in the forex market. Trading with only one BTCUSD asset allows you to keep risk at a low level, and the maximum optimization of the Expert Advisor and the BTCUSD Range Nature allows you to take a stable profit by trading with this grid technology! With the GS Bitcoin Expert Advisor you can earn 10, 50 or even more than 100% per month with the appropriate settings!

    The trading robot GS Bitcoin can trade both simultaneously in two directions, and in one of the sides. The grid construction technology is arranged in such a way that the robot opens the next order in the grid only if it is consolidated. While a trend order is traversed by a dynamic stop-loss, thus diversifying the risk. When the Expert Advisor closes one of the order grids, the trader's account gets super profits.

    Below you can see the test of Bitcoin GS Expert Advisor on BTCUSD currency pair for January 2020: from the initial deposit of $10,000 the Expert Advisor made more than $ 16,000 profit!
    The GS Bitcoin Expert Advisor constantly controls the Buy/Sell order lot size, optimally calculates the break-even and profit levels, and can also increase Equiti by cycles, which allows you to safely earn a good profit at a distance.

    The GS Bitcoin robot is already set up and ready to work! The settings are set up with minimal risk when buying in the standard package. Also, the kit includes a detailed guide to trading this robot and ready-made set-files with normal and more aggressive settings.

    The GS Bitcoin robot is perfect for relatively safe trading on a single BTCUSD asset. But for those who like to disperse deposits - the robot has everything you need for that! Even trading only one BTCUSD asset, you can earn up to +50% or more per month!


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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