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Discussion in 'Forex experts advisors robots MT5' started by Hadi Shahh, Aug 13, 2020.

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    • The "GLASS TRADER-2" Exchange Robot is a FORTS scalping strategy: the algorithm is based on the analysis of the situation in the order book.
    • The Stock Robot trades exclusively within one day and has a very high percentage of profitable trades.
    • At the same time, an exchange Trading Robot in most cases manages to enter the market with a minimum stop loss equal to only one pip!
    • How does this happen? Watch the video:
    • Why you need to buy "Glass Trader-2" Trading Stock Exchange Robot?
    • A scalping strategy on the exchange market allows you to earn money regardless of the current situation (both trend and sideways are equally suitable for trading)
    • The principle and algorithm of the "GLASS TRADER" exchange robot, unlike our other robots, allows you to work with a very short stop (up to one pip), while the risk / profit ratio can sometimes reach 1:15
    • The Stock Robot has a very high percentage of profitable trades (up to 90% on some days)
    • If the situation on the exchange market is favorable, you have the opportunity to earn with the exchange Robot "Glass Trader-2" from 5 to 30% per month
    • The exchange Robot has a low entry threshold (from 10 thousand rubles), so this strategy is ideal for novice traders with little capital
    The Stock Trading Robot "Glass Trader-2" has the following technical characteristics:
    parameters Exchange trading robots

    • The robot is designed for trading through the Metatrader5 Terminal or KVIK
    • The exchange Robot is optimal for trading on the main liquid futures of the FORTS market (for the RTS index, Gazprom, Sberbank, Ruble / dollar)
    • the scalping strategy of an exchange Robot can be launched simultaneously on several instruments
    • The robot Uses all the capabilities of the Metatrader5 terminal and the KVIK terminal (LUA programming language), making transactions at a speed of up to 50 ms
    • An Exchange Robot, like a hunter, monitors a favorable market situation, then starts active trading
    • The Exchange Robot is optimally configured with a deposit of 50 thousand rubles or more.
    • The set includes the updated Author's Course by Maxim Pistoletov "Glass Scalping"
    • This course will allow you to independently adjust the work of the EXCHANGE ROBOT
    • or do manual scalping.

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