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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


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    Fundraising Diploma

    Fundraising is the process wherein voluntary financial contributions are requested or asked and collected from individuals, government agencies, businesses and charitable foundations.Are you a person who is new to fundraising or someone who is looking for a change in careers and wishes to develop or expand the knowledge and understanding you have of the profession? A practical introduction to the subject covering the key principles and the best practices in fundraising is offered by the Fundraising Diploma. You will also study how legal and ethical fundraising activities can be organized. This will help you to contribute in a better manner to your organization by increasing the effectiveness of your fundraising activities and make you understand why your success is very much dependent on the positive relationship you maintain with your supporters and donors.Designed for those individuals who are novices to the role of fundraisers who are paid-for, the Fundraising Diploma is equally applicable to those trustees and volunteers who look forward to expanding the knowledge they have of fundraising. The Fundraising Diploma can also be studied by those who are working in other professions or contemplating changing careers into the fundraising field.Studying the Fundraising Diploma will help to improve the knowledge and understanding you have of fundraising as a result of which you will gain an increase in confidence that will help you to expand your fundraising profession. You will gain an in-depth understanding of how and why supporters and donors contribute and gain an insight of how the success of your fundraising activities can be measured. Most importantly, you will learn more about the legal requirements and standards that are applicable to fundraising and about the role played by the independent Fundraising Regulator and Code of Practice and its importance.

    What You Will Learn

    1:Fundraising in a Fluctuating Economy
    2:Reasons to Prepare Case Statements
    3:Organising Your Team
    4:Creating A Successful Fundraising Plan
    5:Obtaining Major Givers
    6:Seeking A Major Gift
    7:preparing A Successful Grant Proposal
    8:Developing A Communication Plan
    9:Media Relations

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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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