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Discussion in 'Fitness' started by James Goldman, Aug 22, 2020.

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    Jun 15, 2020
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    #fitness An honest and practical guide to smashing your fitness goals and avoid the fitness industry propaganda


    What you'll learn
    • How to hack your body and mind in building muscles and losing fat
    • Learn about fitness dietary supplements, fat burners and more
    • Learn the fundamentals of Paleo diet, Mediterranian diet, Keto diet and intermittent fasting
    • Know the truth about fitness industry and its dirty secrets to avoid getting manipulated
    • Understand constructive and destructive cognitive biases
    • Smash your fitness goals by having the right mindset
    • Learn the latest science-backed methods in building muscles and losing fat with reliable references
    • Avoid fitness industry propaganda and misleading social media marketing campaigns
    • Eventually become your own personal trainer
    • Learn how to read nutrition labels to choose the best products
    • No requirements, just a keen attitude

    >>>The Course will be updated regularly. So feel free to communicate your concerns or if you want to learn more in a specific topic<<<
    >>> Earn your Advanced Fitness Trainer Certification by finishing this epic course! No haha, I'm kidding! You will see how a couch potato changed his lifestyle and became a fitness guru following science-backed methods. You will also learn about the dark secrets of the fitness industry! <<<
    Ok. Sorry, enough joking around. Let's get serious!
    My GOAL in this course is to:
    Course Structure:
    Below, I have summarised what I have done to gather this information, and I leave you to judge whether my words are genuine or I'm just another salesperson writing to make some money:
    Ok, that's enough, I don't want to bore you with a long list.
    My dear students, have you realised that Instagram influencers and those photos of perfectly ripped physiques are putting a lot of stress on us?!
    I used to be a chubby introverted gamer with curly hairs looking like a bird's nest and my man boobs floating around. My school friends teased me all the time pinching my boobs and love handles.
    These mixed feelings of shame and anxiety got even worse after I joined Instagram in 2010.
    A few months after its launch, it was filled with sexy photos of bikini girls and bodybuilders flaunting their flawless physique.
    Shortly after, I made this detrimental habit of going through random photos of fitness models and cursing my poor genetics and the entire world(!)...
    Guys, this is the story of so many of us getting manipulated by marketing campaigns and misleading information on social media!
    I'm here to genuinely help you with your fitness goals by telling you about all the dirty secrets in the fitness industry that you need to know.
    I tried to make in fun and interesting so the course doesn't remind you of those boring formal education classes that work better than sleeping pills. :D
    Some important topics that I will discuss:
    HIIT high-intensity interval training combined with eccentric lifting - fat burning agents - self cheating using momentum - fitness industry marketing campaigns - big lies in transformation journies - muscle builders - dietary supplements - Creatine monohydrate - Whey protein concentrate and isolate - beta-alanine - L-citrulline - and more...
    Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
    No. Anyone interested in learning about how to build a better physique and have a healthy mindset in her/his fitness journey can join this course.
    Do you need to join a gym since it might not be feasible during the pandemic?
    Gym membership is just a tool which might speed up the process. It's not necessary and you can simulate most exercises by simple equipment. Don't worry about it.
    Let's do it!


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