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Forum Alert System

Discussion in 'How it works 2' started by Roland Verde, Jul 15, 2020.

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    Jun 15, 2020
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    The forum has a flexible and individually configurable alert system.
    Watched Threads
    This is a list of recently updated topics with unread responses that you are following. To start following a topic, click on the "Watch Thread" link at the top right.
    You will automatically subscribe to topics that you have created or just responded to. To stop following them, click the "Unwatch Thread" link at the top right.

    Trackable sections
    Works in the same way as the message tracking function, but on a section-wide scale.

    A pop-up menu with links to new answers in the topics being tracked. When new alerts appear, the number will appear at the top of the Notifications link. To disable alerts in a particular thread, click the Stop following thread link at the top right. You can set up detailed settings in the settings of alerts.

    My purchases
    List of topics with purchases in which you participate or have participated.

    New messages
    A list of all the latest topics with unread messages.

    Personal correspondence.

    New Posts

    Block in the menu on the right of the main page with a list of recently created topics.

    Forum mailing list
    General for all participants of the forum notifications to your e-mail about interesting folds. You can disable this newsletter in the "Profile Page" settings if you do not wish to receive this newsletter by email.

    If you subscribe to the newsletter, do not mark our newsletter as "SPAM" in any case, then your account will be blocked.

    News and announcements
    Significant changes and innovations as well as important events in the life of the forum.
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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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