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Discussion in 'Forex Video training courses' started by James Goldman, Aug 7, 2020.

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    Forex Basic | Technical & Fundamental Analysis | Forex Trading Strategy with Harmonic (Chart) Patterns – Live Trading

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    • PC, internet and will to learn Forex Trading

    Forex Trading – Step I
    This first part of the course is created for beginners.
    The learning process starts with understanding of Forex Market works. After that we will continue with primary and elementary items, like trading platforms, charts, time frames, pip, spread, lot, leverage and other important things related to the Forex Trading. Besides these in the first part we will explain how and in what situation to use pending orders because it's very important for many Forex Trading Strategies.
    The aim of the first module is introducing into Forex trading, and it is created for beginners.
    Technical and Fundamental Analysis – Step II
    The basic types of analysis on Forex Market are Technical analysis and Fundamental Analysis so after first step we will move on to the field of Technical Analysis. Many profesional traders see Technical Analysis as “The Art of Trading.”
    In this part will be introduced:
    · Trends, Channels, support and resistant levels,
    · Fibonacci resistance and extension levels,
    · Elliot Waves Theory,
    · Technical(Chart) Patterns,
    o Head &Shoulders
    o Double Top – Double Bottom
    o Triangles
    o Rectangles
    o Flags
    · Technical indicators and oscillators
    o Moving Averages
    o Relative Strength Index
    o Stochastic Indicator
    o MACD
    Then we will explain fundamental analysis and economic calendar. Here you will find explanation of how economic factors affect movement of the currency pairs on the Forex Market. Also in this part you will learn what sentiment analysis is.
    This part of the course is created for traders who want to learn how to use Technical and Fundamental analysis for predicting price movement on the Forex Market.
    Forex Trading Strategy with Harmonic Patterns – Step III
    In the last part we will introduce Forex Trading Strategy with Harmonic Patterns.
    You will learn:
    · Strategy rules with Patterns (Gartley, Bat, Shark, Cypher)
    · How to find patterns for trade,
    · How to setup pending orders,
    · Where to put stop loss,
    · What is target per trade,
    · How much we risk per trade,
    · How we manage open trades.
    After this part students will be fully prepared to trade using Harmonic trading strategy. Strategy is ideal for people who are employed or do not want to trade more than a few hours a day on Forex Market.
    This part of the course is created for traders who want to trade Forex or Stock but still don't have their own trading strategy.

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