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Discussion in 'Binary Options Indicators MT4' started by Roland Verde, Aug 5, 2020.

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    This new system might not be the Holy Grail of trading systems but it’s in the running! My goal for you all, was to come up with a system that combined basic forex with auto trade management and a shorter binary options trade that the expiry time can be found with most brokers (15 min.) along with longer BO trades that are also readily available (1 hour) and we came up with a combo system that incorporates all these important factors!

    Not to brag, but this system combines all that; with extreme simplicity and accuracy which you will see as we go along. I also wanted the amount risked on the trade to not be more than the win would be. This is also accomplished with the Grail System. In fact in many cases the likely win is more than the money risked.

    This fabulous system was also designed so a loss on one side of the trade would workout to a break even or often a small win. And guess what? Traded by the rules, a loss of both sides is very unlikely but a win of both sides is probable up to 90% of the time. Is that cool or what?

    After familiarization and some practice with The Grail, I believe it will be your go to system to trade most of the time. Or at least be a calming and winning experience when the short term (60 sec. to 5 minute expiries) get a little nerve racking. I’m not knocking the short term systems, I love them. But sometimes we just want to relax and win more without the anxiety and frustration. To put it another way, this could most likely end up being your bread and butter trading system.

    As most of you know K.I.S.S. is the guideline I follow when creating a new trading system. This sucker took a whole lot of time to get it right. I can’t believe it but at one time I was up to 7 or 8 indicators on the chart. Looked like a Christmas tree! (ha,ha) No worries though, I finally got it down to a KISS system (Keep It Super Simple).
    Forgive me for being repetative, but those that know me, one of my favorite statements is “a picture is worth a thousand words.” But before we get into that, I want to explain what this baby is all about. It’s not meant to be a replacement for all the systems you might already have, but for some it could very well become that. I firmly believe in a small arsenal of currency trading systems because not all work great all of the time. This works best as a forex/binary options combo trade generator but can be used as just a binary options trading system or just a forex trading system seperately.

    Okay, Pics and Explanation Time
    1 Hour Example Combo Grail Trades New York Session


    These two trades were easy wins. One just before the NY open and one at the NY open. Notice that I showed them right at the SARSI crossing but both could have been taken on the next hour candle after a clean crossing and they still would have been easy wins. Also I have added a final confirmation indicator which you will see in a pic at the bottom of the page.

    More 1-Hour Examples, End of Tokyo and Opening of London

    These two trades were very clearly generated and at different sessions. In my timezone, they were at 11pm and midnight but hey! We’re looking at $900. bucks profit. You place the first one, see the binary options win, place the second one and go to bed. You wake up in the morning to see $900. more profit in your account. To be honest, it’s really tough for me to find time to trade anymore. I’m supporting close to 2000 clients trading one or more of my systems. Creating new ones by demand and marketing them on the internet. You probably think, why doesn’t he quit that and just trade. Well I don’t know what you would do but I can’t see myself leaving 2000 traders hanging without support that have been loyal clients and trusting me to come up with new systems for the Last 7 years. That’s just the way I am fellow traders and that should make you happy to know the type of person your dealing with, right?

    Got To Show You This Cool Pic of 1 Hour Trades

    This pic shows three 1 hour Combo Grail trades. Tokyo, Asian (which starts 2 hours before the Tokyo) and early N.Y. sessions.What is particularly interesting is the 3rd trade, N.Y. session. It was all completed within 1 hour. Beautiful, unmistakenly clear generation. The forex trade actually closed before the binary trade. Cool, eh?



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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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