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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by Emma McNeill, Oct 3, 2020.

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    WinFerri Experienced is not just a trading EA based on one strategy. It is a Forex Combine, a versatile tool with highly customization features for various market conditions. It is especially good for flat pairs, but its application range is not limited to them.

    Recipe for success of any trade is a good entry. The core of this EA is based on the analysis of the current volatility, the size of the bars and the amplitude of bars. An adaptive channel is plotted on the basis of this data. Then the obtained results are analyzed based on 5 different conditions, choosing the best time to open positions.

    The versatility of the EA is in its high customization capabilities. Each mode can be enabled and disabled in any combination with each other.

    Main modes
    • The rebound from the channel in the nighttime;
    • The rebound from the channel in the daytime;
    • Channel breakout in the nighttime;
    • Channel breakout in the daytime;
    • You can choose the number of orders to work with;
    • You can enable or disable the grid mode with gradual opening of orders at a specified interval in points.
    • You can select and configure an exit condition using 4 different presets.
    • You can adjust the trading time.
    You can select various conditions for closing the orders:
    • At a given hour
    • If N minutes passed
    • By the opposite (reverse) signal.
    Who this EA is for
    • This EA is suitable for traders who have been working on the market for a long time and who wish to add a universal EA with a wide range of application to their trading portfolio.
    • For large managers with large deposits, it is possible to choose the settings suitable for custom trading style using the conservative settings of the EA.
    I recommend that you use an ECN account with low spread and fast execution.

    Attention! This EA is only for experienced traders. Do not buy it if you have little experience.

    • PreSet - Preset selection. To customize the settings (optimization), select 0.
    • TradeMode - Trading mode. 1- scalping within the channel. 2- channel breakout.
    • TakeProfit - Take profit level in pips.
    • StopLoss - Stop loss level in pips.
    • UseOneTP - If set to true, each order has individual TakeProfit, if false – common TakeProfit.
    • LotCoff - Lot increase ratio of each additional order, if 1.0 lot is not increased.
    • StepNextOrder - Step for opening additional orders in pips.
    • LimitOrders - The maximum number of orders in one direction.
    • ReversClose - Close by the reverse signal.
    • ChannelPeriod - Period of bars to plot the adaptive channel.
    • CalcChannelFilter - Calculation coefficient for the adaptive channel.
    • MinChannel - The minimum size of the channel in pips, if the channel is smaller than specified, orders are not opened.
    • FilterPeriod - Period to calculate the volatility for the adaptive channel.
    • ChannelDelta - Offset from the channel in pips.
    • FridayEndHour - The hour to stop opening new orders on Friday.
    • FridayCloseHour - The hour to close all orders on Friday. If "-1" disabled.
    • HourStart - trading start hour.
    • HourEnd - trading end hour.
    • MaxMinutOpen - Close the orders after this number of minutes. If "0" - disabled.
    • CloseInHour - Close all orders at the specified hour. If "-1" - disabled.
    • UseTrailingStop - Use trailing stop.
    • TrailingStop - Start of trailing in pips.
    • TrailingStep - Trailing step in pips.
    • MagicNumber - Identifier of the EA's orders.
    • OrderComments - Comment for the EA's orders.
    • MaxSpread - maximum allowed spread in pips.
    • Slippage - slippage value in pips.
    • FixedLots - fixed lot, used if RiskLot = 0.
    • RiskPercent - Risk ratio as a percentage of the deposit (be careful, the calculation is performed per trade without considering the distance to the stop loss, i.e. this does not mean it is the risk per trade, check in the tester or on a demo account).

    winferri-experienced-screen-3768.png winferri-experienced-screen-8216.png winferri-experienced-screen-5402.png winferri-experienced-screen-6485.png winferri-experienced-screen-6121.png

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