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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 3, 2020.

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    The VR Locker Expert Advisor implements a trading strategy that uses positive Locks.
    The main task of the EA is to create positive locks, to create a safety cushion.
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    Description of the trading strategy The EA opens two market orders in different directions with the same volume. Depending on where the price goes, the EA uses a grid of orders to "spread" the orders.
    Once the distance between the orders becomes equal to or greater than specified in the settings, the EA proceeds to of a new lock.
    When working with locks, an amount of floating profit is accumulated, which can be used by trader as a reserve - safety cushion.
    The EA works in two stages:
    • Accumulation of positive locks and creating the safety cushion.
    • Working with positive locks, opening the locks or using with manual trading tactics.
    Main advantages of the program
    • Suitable both for novice and experience traders.
    • Wide selection of settings.
    • Works on all timeframes.
    • Works on any financial instrument.
    • It can be used with other EAs or in conjunction with manual trade.
    • The EA displays information on the profit on each lock.
    The EA control buttons on the chart
    • Close Old Lock - close old lock.
    • Stop Trade Expert - logically and smoothly stop the EA operation once the current lock is created.
    • Close Only Buy - force close all buy orders.
    • Close Only Sell - force close all sell orders.
    • Open Magic Profit - open the table on profit by Magic numbers
    • Open All Profit - open the table on profit for the last 10 days
    Tips for working with this Expert Advisor from the author
    • When working with the program, use the H1 timeframe or higher.
    • The EA was tested and developed for currency pairs, but it can work on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
    • Configure the EA on demo accounts.
    • Accumulate a large number of locks. Once 30-50 locks are made, move all buy/sell orders to breakeven or enable trailing stop.
    • Let the profit grow, this will reduce the psychological burden.
    • You can open the locks according to your trading strategy.
    • Adhere to the money management rules.
    • Remember the risks associated with trading in financial markets.
    • When broadcasting the EA signals, accept new clients only after a lock is formed. (Use the Stop Trade Expert button to stop trading before accepting subscribers.) Failure to comply with this rule can result in losses on subscriber accounts.
    Program Settings
    • Start Lots - initial trading lot.
    • Type Lots - subsequent lot calculation type.
      • Start Lot - calculation of the lot size is not performed, lot size for all orders is set as in Start Lots.
      • Martingale Lot - lot size is calculated as the last order lot multiplied by 2.
      • Summ Start Lot - lot size is calculated as the last order lot + Start Lots.
      • Fibo Lot - lot size is calculated according to the Fibonacci principle, the lot size of the next order is the sum of lot of the previous two orders.
    • Lock Type - type of distance calculation in locks.
      • Point - value is taken from Lock Type Value.
      • Bands Channel - value of the lock is the difference between the upper and lower lines of Bollinger Bands.
      • Donchian Channel - value of the lock is the difference between the upper and lower values of the Donchian channel.
      • Last Candle High-Low - value of the lock is the difference between High and Low of the previous candle.
    • Lock Type Value
      • For Point - the number of points.
      • For Bands Channel - period of the Bollinger Bands indicator.
      • Fro Donchian Channel - period for calculating the Donchian channel.
      • For Last Candle High-Low - irrelevant.
    • Close Lock Value - the number of locks to start closing the oldest lock.
    • Order Step - step between orders in the order grid.
    • Profit Plus - the minimum profit received when closing a series of orders.
    • Slippage - slippage.
    Magic numbers from 1 to 50 inclusive are reserved for the program.
    Features are subject to change with new updates.

    Technical support is available for the program:
    • Skype (chat): Voldemar227
    • Email: <a target="_blank" You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
    The program is developed by the founder of Trading-Go Projects.

    vr-locker-screen-5753.png vr-locker-screen-6238.png vr-locker-screen-6160.png vr-locker-screen-7115.png

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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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