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Discussion in 'Trading Robots Expert Advisors MetaTrader 4' started by Emma McNeill, Oct 8, 2020.

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    Expert Velociraptor Mt4


    Velociraptor is an Expert Advisor that exploits acceleration of volatility of the market. It goes into action when there is an explosion of volatility, for example during the news or special events. It is an evolution of the Volatility Accellerator EA with new features and the new algorithm for price acceleration calculation.

    The best new feature is an equity filter that disables the real trading if the EA is not more profitable. In agreement with filter settings, in this period, the EA will open only virtual trades until it returns profit. This feature is very powerful for reducing a drawdown. I think, it is the first EA in this community with these features. Try it!

    This EA does not use any indicator to work. The sets for open orders are mathematically calculated. It is possible to use the same settings for Forex commodities and index to demonstrate the robustness of the strategy.

    Key Features
    • Trading is fully automated.
    • No need for special broker features.
    • Low sensibility to spread and slippage.
    • The EA checks explicitly the open bar, and it operates only at this time (fast backtest).
    • The EA works every time with stop loss and take profit, no martingale. Any initial deposit on account is allowed to start working with this Expert Advisor.
    • Lot: Fixed lot size if Risk = 0.
    • Risk: If > 0, the lot size is automatically calculated based on the percentage of risk.
    • SLFactor: StopLoss factor used to calculate the stop loss.
    • RRRatio: Risk reward ratio.
    • PriceAcceleration: Minimum price acceleration level to open an order.
    • FastVol: Fast volatility period used to calculate the price acceleration level.
    • SlowVol: Slow volatility period used to calculate the price acceleration level.
    • UseBreakEven: If true, BreakEven function is enabled.
    • Equity_Filter: From here, you can choose the type of filter (MA Filter, Profit Factor Filter, Max DD Filter, Min Expected Payoff Filter).
    • MAPeriod: MA Period for the MA Filter.
    • PFMin: Profit factor minimum for profit factor filter.
    • MaxDD: Max drawdown allowed in MaxDD filter.
    • Min_Exp_Payoff: Minimum expected payoff (Per 1 Lot), for Min_Exp_Payoff filter.
    • TimeFilter: If true, the time filter for open trades is enabled.
    • StartHour: Start hour for the time filter.
    • EndHour: End hour for the time filter.
    • MaxOrder: Max number of orders the EA can open if conditions permit.
    • Magic: Unique magic number used by the EA to manage orders.
    • Slippage: Max slippage in pips allowed to open an order.
    • Write_File: If true, the EA writes a .csv file of real and virtual trades for future processing.
    For settings, see the comment.
    For any questions, do not hesitate to contact me by a private message.


    velociraptor-screen-9017.png velociraptor-screen-8578.png velociraptor-screen-7388.png velociraptor-screen-3923.png
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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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