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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 10, 2020.

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    This is a long-term Expert Advisor. The trades remain open from one week to one month. The EA applies Moving Averages and oscillators. During the tests in the strategy tester with the default parameters, the EA obtained good results on EURUSD H4. The EA implements two money management methods: fixed lot and fixed proportional one. The EA was optimized on EURUSD on 2010-2011 time interval. The screenshots display the EA test results from 2009 up to February 2015 (fixed volume and fixed proportional money management method were used).

    • Period Fast MA – fast MA period;
    • Period Slow MA – slow MA period;
    • Trend Period – trend-determining indicator period;
    • Starting balance – starting balance (applied if fixed proportional money management method is set, i.e. fixed volume is false);
    • Volume – volume;
    • Fixed volume – if true, fixed volume is used;
    • Volume step – volume increase step (applied if fixed proportional money management method is set, i.e. fixed volume is false);
    • Stop Loss – loss limitation in points (if 0, the EA calculates Stop Loss on its own depending on volatility). Test results show that this parameter should be left equal to zero;
    • Stop Loss limit – if Stop Loss is 0 and calculated Stop Loss exceeds the value specified here, Stop Loss is set equal to Stop Loss limit;
    • Take Profit – target profit in points;
    • Protect profit – if true, the EA moves Stop Loss to breakeven when possible;
    • Begin Hour and End Hour – time interval. The signals outside the interval are ignored;
    • Time life open positions – open positions' lifetime (hours). For example, if the value of 240 is specified, open positions are closed after 10 days regardless of their profitability;
    • Magic Number – magic number for distinguishing orders opened by the EA from the ones opened by other EAs or manually;
    • Slippage – acceptable slippage.
    All EA parameters are set in points. The trading robot determines the number of decimal places in quotes on its own.

    vah4autotrade-screen-5271.png vah4autotrade-screen-1969.png


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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