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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 6, 2020.

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    The Tradonator® nextGen!

    • trades not primarily on indicators or prices, but at the beginning of every new candle (controlled by Timeframe).
    • determines the trading direction due to the integrated indicator, which can measure trend and volatility.
    • creates a Sell- and a Buypool and manages them isolated.
    • calculates with every trade for each of the pools a previously defined profit target and closes the pool only with a total profit once this goal
      has been achieved.
    • basically works with any currency pair, any broker and in any timeframe. Theoretically, you could also trade indexes or commodities, if there
      would be no rollover.
    The basic strategy is not trying to predict the market, but to use the back and forth and to be predominantly in the right direction on the road.
    It inevitably always an accompanying book loss, that could (and should) be controlled via the used lot size.

    Keep it easy:

    Trade a major forex pair on H1 timeframe with a minimum equity of 4000 $ and all will be fine! (alternatively on a cent account with 40000 cent)

    The basic settings (for H1) stipulate the use of a risk lock down mode, which will effectively prevent to trade with too high lotsizes, in too
    short time frames or within too small ranges. This mode needs 4000 $ free equity per 0.01 lot, the H1 timeframe and a range from minimum 15 pips.
    You can switch it off, but you pay with a higher risk!

    I recommend to keep RiskLockDown on true, at least until your look on the functioning of the Expert is clear!

    • The activity of the Expert can be individually controlled by the parameters TradingRangePoints and VolatilityMeasure.
    • By using the multi-chart strategy you can start aggressively in short time frames and automatically change to longer time frames and
      moderate settings while unfavorable course of trading.
    • The Expert can hide take profits from the Broker and manage them alone.
    • The Expert can automatically open a matching hedge position to neutralize the account.
    • The Expert can automatically start a Tradeout before the week end.
    The Tradonator® nextGen! has shown stable results on live accounts for over 5 years now. More detailed information on my website or my youtube

    Key Settings

    • RiskLockDown=true - enforces moderate risk (0.01 Lot per 4000 Equity in a Range >= 15 in H1 Timeframe)
    • LotsFix=0.01 - max. 0.01 per 3000 Equity and Pair suggested (only relevant at RiskLockDown = false )
    • InitialTP=15 - takeprofit for the first 2 trades in every pool
    • PoolTargetPoints=15 - desired Takeprofit for the complete pool
    • VirtualProfits=false - takeprofit at the broker, should be allways hidden at timeframes <= M15
    • TrendTimeFrame=60 - timeframe which sends the signal (in minutes)
    • VolaMeasure=true - volatility measure on / off switch
    • TradingRangePoints=15 - range in pips, where is a maximum of 1 trade opened in every direction
    • MaxSpreadPoints=8 - your tolerated spread
    • UseMultiChart=false - multichart on / off switch
    • StartWithTradeCount=0 - this chart starts with trade No. x (in both directions)
    • EndWithTradeCount=5 - and ends with trade No. y (in both directions) - only relevant if UseMultiChart = true
    • UseAutoHedging=false - automatic hedging on / off switch
    • AutoHedgingValue=1000 - absolute ammount you accept as floating before hedging gets active
    • AutoHedgingSL=30 - stoploss hedgeposition in pips
    • HedgeBreakeven=20 - breakeven hedgeposition in pips
    • AutoTradeOut=true - autotradeout on / off switch
    • AutoTradeOutDay=4 - day of autotradeout start in metatrader counting (0= Sunday till 5= Friday, here Thursday)
    • AutoTradeOutHour=12 - time of starting Autotradeout
    • CommentString=nextgen - order comment, (has to be unique per instance and account)
    • CommentStringHedge=nextgenH - order comment hedge order, (has to be unique per instance and account)

    tradonator-nextgen-screen-9991.png tradonator-nextgen-screen-1137.jpg tradonator-nextgen-screen-4720.jpg

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