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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by Emma McNeill, Oct 3, 2020.

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    TMA Simplemartin Expert Advisor is based on TMA channel indicator, as well as Stochastic and CCI standard indicators.

    A market entry is performed according to indicators' aggregate signals using stop levels and trailing.

    A deposit is a part of the trading system. This is a martingale. Both arithmetic and geometric progressions are available. Besides, the EA features the function of recovery from a loss (TMA compiled into resources).

    System settings
    • averaging included – enable averaging.
    • averaging only on signal – average only by a signal.
    • closing by opposite signal – close in case of an opposite signal.
    • martingale mode – martingale type.
    • recovery mode – recovery mode.
    • martingale geometric progression – geometric progression step.
    • martingale arithmetic progression – arithmetic progression step.
    • martingale smart step close – calculate averaging order lot based on closing distance.
    • step averaging – step in points for averaging orders.
    • averaged no more than once per N minute – average no more than once per N minutes.
    • trailbars – trailing stop by a number of the last minute bar.
    • lotsize – initial lot.
    • max lot sum – the maximum amount of lots in a series.
    • max trades open – the maximum number of trades in the series.
    • stoploss in points – stop loss in points.
    • breakeven+step in points – breakeven + step in points.
    • trailstep – trailing stop step.
    • close after № averaging – close to breakeven after a specified averaging order.
    • slippage – price slippage.
    • OrderMagicNumber – magic number.
    • autolot – lot auto increase when increasing a deposit.
    • perсent Risk for autolot - risk percentage for autolot.
    • hour start work - operation start hour.
    • hour end work - operation end hour.
    Indicator settings
    • timeframe stochastic – Stochastic timeframe.
    • timeframe CCI – CCI timeframe.
    • timeframe TMA – TMA timeframe.
    • period stochastic – Stochastic period.
    • slowing stochastic – Stochastic slowing.
    • signal stochastic – signal Stochastic.
    • stochastic lvl up – Stochastic upper level.
    • stochastic lvl down – Stochastic lower level.
    • period CCI – CCI period.
    • CCI lvl up – CCI upper level.
    • CCI lvl down – CCI lower level.
    • period tma – tma period.
    • atr multiplier channel – channel width multiplier.
    • atr period – atr period.

    tma-simplemartin-screen-3981.png tma-simplemartin-screen-8164.png tma-simplemartin-screen-2155.png tma-simplemartin-screen-9983.png


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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