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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 9, 2020.

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    STR is an EA built to work on M30, H1 and H4 timeframes.

    Two strategies are available:

    • StrA - low risk; the best results are on M30.
    • StrB - more risk but still acceptable with best results on M30, H1, H4
    It is possible to increase profits using M15 or M30 for both strategies but drawdown will be worse.

    It has been optimized for EURUSD pair but can work on GBPUSD, XAUUSD, USDJPY and others.

    While used on H4, there will be about 1-3 operations per week. System reaches profit by using trailing stop (default).

    Martingale with adjustable distance from open position and profit to close all positions.

    In case of a drawdown, the EA will open a position in the same direction at the distance specified in Pipstep parameter, and it will manage all positions opened.

    Once a desired profit (bk_even) is reached, it will close all positions.

    • StrA - to use the low risk strategy (default true).
    • StrB - to use the high risk strategy (default false).
    • C - parameter for StrB (default for M30).
    • D - parameter for StrB (default for M30).
    • stoploss - desired stop loss (80 means 8 pips).
    • takeprofit - desired profit (150 means 15 pips).
    • risk - it works only if Lot is 0.0 (Autolot). 10 means 10% of account.
    • Magic - magic number for orders opened by the EA.
    • Magic_Pyramid - for martingale orders. It has to differ from Magic.
    • Slippage - slippage! Change it only in case broker has a big spread (not recommended).
    • Lot - put 0.0 in order to have autolot (the EA will calculate automatically lot size basing on free assets and risk parameter).
    • TrailingStop - 30 means 3 pips (only if active).
    • Pipstep - 120 is optimized for EURUSD (martingale).
    • bk_even - desired profit for martingale (in case of a drawdown).
    • StartHour - time when the EA starts working (GMT_offset value is added automatically).
    • StopHour - time when the EA stops working (GMT_offset value is added automatically).
    • RestartHour - time when the EA restarts (GMT_offset value is added automatically).
    • LastHour - time when the EA stops working (GMT_offset value is added automatically).
    • GMT_Offset - 25 means autoGMT offset detecting (for backtesting, put GMT offset of the broker).
    • delta - GAP for stop orders, to be adjusted per each pair.
    • gain - profit in pips (60 means 6 pips).
    • Trail_active - if true, the EA will manage orders with a trailing stop.
    • StealthMode - if true, the EA will hide SL and Take profit.
    • RecoveryMode - if true, the EA will increase a lot size after a loss (if autolot is active => Lot = 0.0).

    str-screen-7497.jpg str-screen-6455.jpg str-screen-5525.jpg


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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