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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 2, 2020.

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    7000 Trades in 2 years live record

    Here is the Method to use StoneBreaker Lite -- > You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
    【Please do not trust any Backtest result from our EA 】If you want to upgrade to original , Please contact me for a special price .

    Every second is money , stonebreaker would never waste the momentum from the market . Make 100% as soon as possible and never be stressed .

    EA StoneBreaker is an Expert Advisor with a great diversification of operations and portion of lots . It will start with Scalping Strategy .

    Based on hedging price action orders starts ,the following protection orders with martingale。

    90% of the market is doing Range or Swing . StoneBreaker focus on it . The risk is very controlled by stoploss function.

    Main target of stonebreaker is to prevent a huge drawdown even we have tested it in 3000 USD real account and DD only 9% . You do not need any knowledge , the configuration is already done for you and we have tried in real account .

    For we do not believe in any backtest result and we already have done real record 10000USD become 40000USD in a month . Brokers can not kill us , because Miner Parafly know to avoid an huge holiday spread ,huge spread during crossing the market .

    I will show one month of real account result . After Users should make your own .
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    High Risk Mode // Extreme Mode Version :
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    You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

    Strategy involved :

    • Scalping
    • Stop Loss Level of account equity
    • Smart way to open order and close order
    • Auto Calculate account currency to modify the profit and Stoploss( HKD USD EUR CAD AUD )
    • Dynamic Tp to let Orders change tp to closer to breakeven when Orders reach a level .
    • Dynamic Step Order
    • Ma Filter to control Martingale orders open
    • Pass range to control first orders open
    • Close all orders on Wed and Fri when DrawDown or Profit by USD
    Pairs and TimeFrame:
    • StoneBreaker already add a indicator table to show which pair are recommended to trade with Stonebreaker by different mode .
    • Users also can choose your own pairs
    • M1 chart
    Recommended balance
    • Low Risk mode && Medium Risk mode - 1000 USD one pair
    • Pairs - Already set default in the parameter , Users can choose which pairs to show in the indicator on the chart .
    • Use Slippage Detector - to detect the slippage or not .
    • Slippage allow by number of times - which means if 2 or more orders having a huge slippage more then 0.8pips , Ea will stop opening orders until restart the EA .
    • RiskType - Users allow to choose which Mode to trade (Low Risk , Medium Risk )
    • Lots
    • MaximumLotSize Per Order
    • MaxSpread - To prevent a huge spread during market close and market open . It will not stoploss when Huge Spread .
    • Use Stoploss of the Account DD : Use Cut Loss when DD is bigger than amount of USD .
    • Close EA after StopLoss - which means if stoploss hit , shut down EA or keep opening new orders .
    • StopLoss by USD : When "Use Stoploss of the Account DD" is true , this variable can control when to stop the EA by USD .
    • Use Takeprofit by account profit - When Account profit reach a level of USD to close all orders and restart new orders or not .
    • Close BuySell when profit : by USD
    • Shut down EA after hitting Takeprofit - After "Use Takeprofit by account profit" is active , Ea shut down or not .
    • Close by USD during selected date - When profit or Drawdown reach the level by USD only the date you have selected
    • EndHourMon - To control when to stop the EA when "Close by USD during selected date" also reached . -1 means Allow to trade all day . Broker Time Which shown on the Chart .
    • Time to restart On Monday - When to start on Monday Morning to avoid huge spread and unstable range .
    <sup></sup> <sup></sup>
    Recommended broker

    • All kind of account type from any broker with 1:500 leverage .
    • This Mode with new Ea traders to make extra income monthly . Full auto with 1500USD stoploss .

    stonebreaker-lite-screen-7273.jpeg stonebreaker-lite-screen-2096.jpeg stonebreaker-lite-screen-9524.jpeg stonebreaker-lite-screen-7881.jpg

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