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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by Emma McNeill, Oct 5, 2020.

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    The StarSmile EA has been developed for about a year, underwent 70 modifications, accumulated 4,000 lines of code, and now is ready to please both fans of quality optimization of experts, and those who like the "put on chart and forget" principle (set files are attached). A lot of interesting ideas have been implemented in this product, that deserve to get to know them better. This includes strengthening of the trade "weight" by merging multiple signals of the indicator(s) in a single one. And also blocks with step-by-step fulfillment of conditions for opening a trade (trend trading), a multitude of signal filters, a new look at the range breakout and pending orders. The Expert Advisor can work with a single trade in the market with given StopLoss, and also with increased risks, by applying additional orders and dynamic lot size. Choose what suits you!

    Smart Lot provides better testing results on average than fixed lot. Protection against drawdowns, built into the StartSmile EA eliminates the need to constantly monitor the trading process. The Expert consists of separate blocks that are easy to turn on/off and gives room for improvisation. Optimization is also very convenient and fast, because the StarSmile EA works based on Close of the bar (NOT a scalper!). So the test results for ticks, control points, and opening prices will be the same at 99%!

    Detailed description of all the EA parameters can be downloaded as text file from the link:

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    The most interesting parameters of the StarSmile EA:
    • inRowN - Maximum number of trades of one type (buy or sell) in a row
    • CountArrows - Total count of the number of signals (0 or 1 - trade is opened at the first signal, 2 - two signals in the same direction, etc.)
    • MarginalCommand - If true, use the principle of majority for opening trades (for example, if 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 indicators give a buy signal, open a trade)
    • Stops - If true, use stop orders instead of market orders
    • Limits - true, use limit orders instead of market orders
    • 2 MAcolor - Indicator based on two modified MA. You can download from the link above
    • 3 MA - This block is composed of two separate conditions. First: MA1> MA2> MA3 (when the signal is up). This condition is valid until the formation of the opposite (MA1< MA2< MA3). The second condition: the price should return to (cross) MA2. This method allows to enter the market during corrections from strong movement
    • 3 MA plus - This block is composed of two separate conditions. First: MA1 plus> MA2 plus> MA3 plus (when the signal is up). Second: the price should return to (cross) MA3 plus.
    • ADDITIONAL INDICATORS - Conventional МТ4 indicators, but with a unique ability to increase the signal strength. For example, you can make it so that the signal appears only when the indicator has been in the oversold zone for 10 bars instead of 1 (using CountArrows).
    • MA change flag - The block is based on the idea that during trading the trend (determined by the MA), price makes correction and leans on invisible wall (a few candles are closed almost at the same price), and then the trend continues
    • Range breakdown - Block of price breaking the dynamic range up or down with special conditions
    • StartRangebreakdown - Block of price breaking the range from beginning of the day or week (for 4 hours)
    • LOTRISK % - Block of Dynamic Lot, which is calculated based on the Stop Loss size so as not to exceed the specified risk as a percentage of the deposit per deal.
    • SMART LOT - Block’s idea is to consistently increase the lot size during a series of profitable trades and reduce after losses. Checked! The testing results are up to 50% better on average for the same risk than when fixed lot.
    • TRAILING/BREAKEVEN - Block for activating the trailing stop and breakeven functions with special conditions
    • PendingOrders - If true, allow pending orders with detailed customization of their type/distance/lot
    • PROTECTION FROM DRAWDOWNS - This block stops the Expert Advisor operation when the specified drawdown is in the deposit currency or pips is reached from a certain date
    Link to optimized set files for different currencies is provided below*
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    *Set files have a forward test period of around 1-2 years

    starsmile-ea-screen-9742.PNG starsmile-ea-screen-4380.PNG starsmile-ea-screen-1978.png starsmile-ea-screen-6468.png starsmile-ea-screen-8109.png


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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