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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by Emma McNeill, Oct 3, 2020.

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    The Stairs UP Expert Advisor trades following signals of the following indicators:

    • Regression Channel
    • Modified Stochastic
    The EA looks for overbought/oversold areas in the channel, after exiting the areas it checks the Stochastic levels and additional filters. If signals match, the EA will open a position. The EA can manage and close both a single order and a series of order.

    It can use a fixed risk per trade or calculate risk as a percentage of equity.

    The EA can open additional deals in the trade direction. The volume of additional deals depends on the EA settings.

    You can set a breakeven level.

    Settings of internal indicators can also be modified in order to comply with your trading style.

    An additional filter based on a selected timeframe can also improve results and reduce risk.

    Expert Advisor Settings
    • Lot mode - select lot option (Fix Lot or % risk).
    • Lots - the lot value (if Fixed Lot is selected in Lot mode).
    • Maximum risk in percents - percent of initial lot (if percent of balance is selected in Lot mode).
    • Multiplier mode - method of averaging:
      • None - not used;
      • Arithmetical - Arithmetic increase (increase of each next order by the value of the initial lot);
      • Geometric - Geometric increase (multiplication of lot by "Multiplier", 0.01 and above);
    • Multiplier - parameter for "Geometric - Multiplier mode". Can be below 1, which means all next positions will be opened with a smaller lot value;
    • Max orders - maximum number of open orders.
    • Step - step between orders in points.
    • Takeprofit - take profit value in points.
    • If more than 0, stoploss of total breakeven - Stop Loss parameter.
      • If 0 - SL is not used;
      • If above zero - Stop Loss in points for each order;
      • If greater than zero, and "Use breakeven" is enabled - the value in points of total breakeven.
    "============= First order ==============" - parameters of the first order.

    • First order without Takeprofit
    • First order without Stoploss
    • First order breakeven - move the first order to breakeven upon reaching Take Profit.
    • Averaging without signal - use averaging without waiting for a signal.
    • Max drawdown of first order - 0-automated.
    "============= Breakeven =============" - Breakeven settings.

    • Use breakeven
    • Level Profit for breakeven
    • Level of breakeven - set Stop Loss at a number of points from the order open price.
    "============= Setting indicators =============" - indicator parameters

    ... and other settings.

    The EA is now trading with optimized settings on two accounts:

    You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login - on tis account, two different EA configurations are used on EURUSD M5.

    You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login - on this account one configuration is used combined with a filter on a higher TF.



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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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