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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 9, 2020.

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    The Sniper Expert Advisor works using 7 trading indicators and a lot of different mechanisms managing the process of trading. All indicators used to receive the signal are known - Parabolic SAR, MACD, MA, Envelopes, CCI, RVI, Alligator. The EA constantly analyzes and keeps any market situation under control. It is designed for fully automated trading. Each order is supported by a double secure grid with a very smooth martingale. Try not to set the initial lot value too high to reduce the risks. Recommended deposit is at least $50 on a cent account and at least $500 on a dollar one. You should trade on H1, as trend/flat and roll-backs are more visible there.


    • Fixed lot - fixed lot, if Auto Lot = 0.
    • Auto Lot (0 - disabled) - deposit amount per 0.01 lot. If you set 500, then the lot size will be automatically set to 0.01 for a deposit of $500. 1000$ - 0.02, and so on.
    • Martingale (0 - disabled) - increase the lot in case of drawdown. Recommended coefficient is 1.6 and higher. If set to 0, martingale will be disabled and only one order will be placed.
    • Take Profit (in points) - take profit in points. Invisible to the broker.
    • Stop Loss (in points) - total stop loss in points. Invisible to the broker.
    • Turbo Mode - automatic incremental calculation of profit. Increases the potential profit, but also increases the risks! Directly depends on the Take Profit option. The more the take profit value, the more active the turbo mode.
    • Turbo Max Profit - the maximum profit in turbo mode. Limits the profit increment at large drawdowns. If set to 100, for example, the profit will not grow above 100 points.
    • Trailing Stop (0 - disabled) - trailing stop in points. If 0, then disabled.
    • Trailing Step - trailing stop step.
    • Step for new orders - step between orders.
    • Close Orders - emergency closing of orders. If you enable this option, the robot will close all deals and continue its operation only after this option is disabled.
    • Max Spread (0 - disabled) - the maximum spread allowed for trading. If 0, then disabled.
    • Magic Number - magic number.
    • Output Information - enable/disable information on the chart.
    The system is efficient if you do not take great risks. The double grid reduces the drawdown and leaves it quickly. This robot is the best and the most reliable one of all know to us at the moment. We do not charge an unthinkable price and made this robot affordable to every trader.

    When the robot earns a profit equal to 100% of the initial deposit, we highly recommend that you withdraw it. That way you can return your investment after the first withdrawal, while the robot will continue trading using the money it earned.
    Attention! Test the Expert Advisor and select the most optimal settings before buying the product. If you are fully satisfied by its results on, then you may buy it. Good luck in trading!

    expert-sniper-screen-1565.png expert-sniper-screen-3909.png expert-sniper-screen-7926.png


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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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