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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY


Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 5, 2020.

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    SCISSORS — is an automated trading scalping system.
    The strategy is based on enter signals given by a modified indicator Zig Zag; the EA opens two pending orders - sell stop и buy stop - on peaks of the indicator, at break (false break) the order activates and runs profit trail. Simply the EA is cutting all that higher/lower to Zig Zag peaks.

    • Trading strategy —trend scalping without use of grid, martingale, averaging, using stop loss, take profit and trailing stop.
    • The number of trades per month — depending of TF- from 20 to 100.
    • Recommended deposit — minimal deposit for one instrument per 0.01 lots is 20 USD at leverage 1:100, consequently at multycurrancy trade - extra 20 USD for aech instrument (exept those whose marginal requiment difer).
    • Recommended currency pairs — any.
    • TF — M15, M30 (optimal),Н1.
    Main recommendations:
    • Before you buy this EA, please download the trial and check the performance of EA with strategy tester MT4 on your broker's server.
    • Broker - high order execution and no limitations for minimum distance on S/l and T/P, minimum distance on pending oraders.
    • Spread - only minimal (starting from 0.0 pips), comission is acceptable/
    • Use recomended sets to check the system performance on your broker.
    • Recommended sets will be available at section "Comments".
    EA Parameters:
    Zig Zag settings - enter settings of indicator ZigZag
    -ExtDepth: depth
    -Extdeviation: deviation
    -ExtBackstep: bars quantity between extremums
    -count bars for enter: bars quantity for the enter signal mature
    -enter distance: distance from maximum/minimum to pending order setting (+/-)
    trading hours - time for trade

    -start time: time to start trade
    -stop time: time to stop trade
    tp: takeprofit in pips
    sl: stop loss in pips

    Use Money Management: if "on" - the volume of trade is determined out of free margine needed to trade by start lot, if "off" - start lot is used
    Start lot: trade volume (lot size when Money management is turned to "off")
    Free margin: volume of free margine for lot calculation
    Use Break Even and trailingstop: on/off
    BE point - shift to Break Even at profit of N points
    BE profit - profit of Break Even in points
    Trailing interval - lenth of trail at profit in points
    Trailing step - step of trail in points
    Slippage - acceptable slippage
    Magic - individual magic number of the order
    comment - notes to order

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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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