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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 10, 2020.

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    Trend Trader (TT) was developed as a solid, robust, flexible and fully automated trend strategy EA trader with build-in money -, risk - and trade management.

    In short, TT allows you to pick a long and short timeframe. It will then use any combination of 12x Trend indicators on the long timeframe and 13x Signal indicators on the short timeframe to determine if conditions are good for trading. Which of the 12 and 13 indicator sets you use and in which combination is completely up to you. On top of this are more than a 100 further properties you can change to suite your strategy & risk appetite.

    Default / Demo Example
    With default properties, as in this You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login TT will trade conservatively using the following defaults:

    • D1 long timeframe using Ichimoku and TrendChaser (4x MAs) Trend indicators
    • H1 short timeframe using Parabolic SAR and ADX Signal indicators
    • TP & SL determined by ATR on timeframe D1
    • SL is automatically adapted based on Fractals, Parabolic SAR and Trailing Stop
    • It will also close the trade when the current long term trend reverse or if loss is greater than 10% of account balance
    • It will trade at most 2 x concurrent orders on the same pair and only after the first trade became profitable and PA is at least 50 pips and 24 bars away from first open trade
    However, given the right set of properties the TT EA can be configured for Scalping or even used for Swing trading strategies. Essentially then, it is an excellent platform for developing your own strategy and refining and optimizing the properties for your acceptable profit - and risk level. Without writing a single line of code, you can test hundreds of strategy combinations (182 permutations using the 25 available trend and signal indicators alone) by simply changing properties whilst knowing the EA will manage and safeguard your trades as far as you allow it to.

    Example #1:
    With these property changes:

    • Lower_TF = PERIOD_M15
    • Use_Always = True
    • Use_PSARSignal = False
    • Use_ATR_TP = False
    • Use_ATR_SL = False
    TT EA will trade (independent on which timeframe you pair chart is at) on M15 using only the ADX indicator signal and will set Stop Loss at 100 pips (which is the default for StopLoss) and Take Profit at 50 pips (default for TakeProfit). So by changing 5 properties you have just created yourself a ADX EA trader working on M15. Because you set Use_Always=True, the Trend check will be effectively ignored (or in other words, it will always be firing for both BUY and SELL) and so only the Signal Indicators now need to fire for the EA to trade. Since Use_ADXSignal and Use_PSARSignal are True by default, by setting Use_PSARSignal to false only ADX remains to trigger. Since there is only 1 signal indicator (ADX) now, if it triggers BUY or SELL, the signal vote would be 100% and the EA will trade.

    Example #2:
    With these property changes:

    • Use_Ichi = false
    • Use_TChaser = false
    • Use_EMA = True
    • Use_MACD = true
    • Use_RSI = True
    • Use_Stoch = True
    • Use_ADXSignal = False
    • Use_PSARSignal = False
    TT EA will trade on D1 and H1 (which are the faults for Trend_TF and Lower_TF) using the EMA, MACD, RSI indicators to determine the trend and using Stochastic signal indicator to determine the market and entry timing. Because you're now using 3 x Trend indicators working on D1, at least two of them have to agree (giving a percentage of 66%/100% which is more than the Trend_Margin=51%) before the trend will be considered either a BUY / SELL. There is only a single signal indicator in the Stochastic and if it then says BUY / SELL on H1 which agrees with the trend, the EA will trade. So by changing the 8 x properties above, you now have a EMA/MACD/RSI trend trader using Stochastic for trade timing - which is something completely different than the default TT EA.

    As you can see the SciBit Trend Trader EA is actually hundreds of EA's combined into one simple package - which you can customize and configure to trade the way you like it to trade. Or you can simply leave as-is and have it trade using defaults.

    More information, help and resources are available on the You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

    scibit-trend-trader-screen-9525.png scibit-trend-trader-screen-6369.png


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