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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 9, 2020.

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    ScheduleTrader EA is an automated trading tool where trader can choose a date and time so that at that point in time EA opens two position: long and short with user defined Stop Loss levels. Then EA waits one of the position to stay alive (stays in profit). Then EA manages this position with a trailing stop.

    This EA is very useful for news trading. Just enter the time of the news on that symbol and news time triggers the positions. If the news has a net impact on the price action the trader can expect the surviving order to get into a huge profit.

    Unfortunately, backtest of the EA requires the tester to setup the parameters for a specific time of a news and see the results. All times need to be entered in terminal's time zone.

    EA Inputs
    • trigger_hour—Hour of the schedule.
    • trigger_minute—Minute of the schedule.
    • trigger_second—Second of the schedule.
    • trigger_day—Day of the schedule.
    • trigger_month—Month of the schedule.
    • trigger_year—Year of the schedule.
    • trade_lot—Size of the trades.
    • stoploss_points—Stop Loss of the trades in points.
    • trailing_points—Points difference between the order price and the current (bid/offer) which triggers trailing.
    • price_slippage—Maximum accepted price slippage when opening market orders.
    • auto_magic_number—EA can use automatic magic number generation for the orders. The algorithm generates the same magic number for a symbol every time, so that even if you start over, the same magic number is used on that symbol. This way you can avoid malfunctioning of the EA. Sometimes there can be conflicts in magic numbers so that different symbols can get the same magic number (e.g., EURUSD and EURAUD), and these conflict can be avoided by the use of You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login utility.
    • magic_number—If the previous option is false, you need to specify a unique magic number for the symbol that the EA is running on.
    • auto_remove_EA_when_all_finished—Set it to true if you like the EA to be removed when Schedule Trading ends.
    • ea_comment_prefix—Comment for the EA orders.



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Balance replenishment ALIEBAY
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