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Discussion in 'Forex Market MQL5' started by James Goldman, Sep 6, 2020.

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    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Only EA developed over 1 year ago, which remains consistent in the market and in the #10 Top of the MQL Store ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    >>> You can use this EA with a balance starting at $30 in a cent account. Doubts about which broker and how much balance you need to trade, send me a message <<<

    Samurai Scaper Pro Series EUR/USD is an EA developed to run the EUR/USD on 5 MINUTE timeframe. This EA uses statistical analysis applied to the EUR/USD over 20 years to determine the best points of entry and exit on the market. Its operating base uses a strategy based on the MACD indicator along with other trend indicators to determine the best entry and exit points. Numerous tests were performed based on the actual data of several brokerages, provided by software that simulates the market with 99.9% assertiveness, and also tests with the data provided by MT4. The tests were done over the last 20 YEARS (1999-2019), showing a stability of the EA through the variations of the market and the brokerage firms.

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    Which settings should I use?
    • Order Custom Comment: Custom comment at the order open.
    • Max Slippage: Maximum slippage allowed for opening and closing orders.
    • Max Spread: Maximum allowed spread for opening orders.
    • Debug Mode: With this mode enabled, some information is displayed on the chart.
    • Samurai Method: Method of trading chosen. The methods work as reported below:
      • Senpai Veteran << Moderate >>: Moderate method. It works since 1999.
      • Noob San << Aggressive >>: Aggressive method. In tests performed, it works since 2014 and considers fewer factors to open an order.
      • Master Sensei << Very aggressive >>: More aggressive method. Recommended testing from 2015 only.
    • Profit Method: Method of profit chosen:
      • TakeProfit: The order will be finalized when it reaches the point value reported in the Take Profit variable.
      • TraillingStop: If this method is chosen, the order will be ended at x% (percent close on starting trailling stop) when the point value entered in the variable "Trailling Stop Start Points" is reached. After this the TS will automatically move according to the amount of points entered in the variable " Trailling Stop Step".
    • Consider Swaps in profit calculation: Consider swap rates used by your broker in calculating the profit. *If orders remain open during the closing of the market
    • Consider Commissions in profit calculation: Consider the commission rates used by your broker during the profit calculation. *If your broker has commissions
    • Force change to profit target (-100% ~ 100%): Force the profit calculation to add or subtract the desired profit by x%.
    • Auto Lot: If the auto lot is disabled, the manual size must be entered in the "First Lot (if AutoLot is false)" field.
    • Lot Size Amplitude (if AutoLot is true): A value between 1 and 10 that determines the size of the lot that will be opened. The default value is 6. *Be careful to change this value above the default value as it will make the operation much more risky
    • First Lot (if AutoLot is false): Manual lot that will be opened if auto lot is disabled.
    • Maximum allowed risk: DD maximum allowed. Upon reaching this DD level, the orders are closed according to the next parameter.
    • Size(%) of the order closed after reaching the maximum risk: Indicates the percentage of open orders that will be closed upon reaching the DD reported in the above parameter. If the maximum value is informed(100), the orders will be closed completely.
    • FIFO Rules (For USA Brokers): If this option is enabled, only buy or sell orders will be opened at a time and if more than one buy or sell order is opened, they will be closed according to the order of opening.
    • Broker Server GMT OffSet: Broker Server Local Time Setting.
    I am available to answer any questions regarding the operation.

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